Monday, August 01, 2011

Boo ~ tifule Harvest

This past Saturday saw the first rain here in some time.  It cooled us off, for the remainder of the day anyway.  Interestingly enough it was also the first chance I had to swim this summer.  Irony huh?  LOL  It was a nice treat though, a Women of Faith get together for our church.  Swimming, fellowship, food and a movie.  The movie was 'Fried Green Tomatoes', which I had not seen before.  Wow, good movie and our hostess cooked those tasty tomatoes for us as well.  Good times.

Well the rain certainly helped our garden, but it was doing well before the rain too, thanks to my hubby and his green thumb.
  He goes out every morning before the heat of the day and tends the garden and shares time and knowledge with our twin son.  It is funny how twin son is interested in the garden and twin daughter enjoys spending time and learning with her dad in the garage, fixing cars.

More cucumbers, peppers, spaghetti squash and our first pie pumpkins came in!  I am so excited about the pumpkins and squash.  We also planted what they call 'goosebump' pumpkins, with knobs and bumps all over, but none of those have shown up yet.

With the arrival of the rain my sinus/allergies seem a little better, thank goodness, I am tired of being sick.  I did start my new Allergy meds on Sat. but like I said, the weather has made a difference so I don't know about the meds yet.  Hubby is concerned about some side effects, so am I, but we just don't want to move.  I miss my family much, I guess if we move we should move back north so I can see them.  Sigh.  Life is full of choices and compromises.  The only thing I know for sure is to keep praying and listening to God.

Blessings, Beth Ann