Monday, March 19, 2012


Been a while since I last blogged but nothing exciting going on here.  After our rush trip to MI and back, life has been blessedly calm.  We had a few scary storms, but the calm after is sunny and 80 degree weather for almost the last two weeks!  It is wonderful but makes me fearful of the heat summer will bring.  We bought a new pool, slightly smaller than our last but and port in a storm or should I say heat wave?    I have been plugging away at many different hand crafts and trying to finish some outstanding ones.  Here is just a couple I completed:

This is a small Halloween novelty, stuffed like some Christmas ones I made about ten years ago.  I couldn't get this pic to rotate to save my life, but you get the idea.

Here is a closer shot of the web and as you can see I used gold metallic thread to accent the piece.  As Bre said, 'wicked cool' ; )

I finished this hat for my oldest daughter and will make her a matching bag to go with.  She picked out this yard while we were up there (who would have thought that Gaylord would get a Hobby Lobby?) and now she has to come down here to get them : )  The plan is for her to come on their spring Break up there, around the first of April, I can't wait!

I also have a bag to sew up, it goes with a hat for Bre's best friend.  I made it for Her b-day, but we were in MI at the time and I only had the hat finished.  It is The Harry Potter motif again, Griffindor House.  I had made her the scarf for her last b-day.  Then I just finished another hat and am starting the matching bag, for yet another friend of Bre's (man that girl has friends!).  As for cross - stitch: I have a quilt sampler 3/4 done,  Working on an x-large Christmas sampler and starting another Halloween novelty, not to mention two book bags I need to finish personalizing ~ geesh!  That list doesn't even include the crocheted blanket I work on at night when I need to un=stress and use up my leftover yarn  ends.  LOL   
Blessings, Beth Ann