Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is a big blur for me and the family. We are rushing around getting ready to leave for northern MI and my dd wedding. First thing this morning I had to get DH off to work and take DS to work and drop off the dogs and pig. (see yesterdays post) Just crazy! DH forgot his cell phone, good thing he works next door to DS, one more thing for me to take care of. On our way to the clinic, the dogs are freaking out, they know there is only one reason to be in a car! Top it off, the dachshund has never liked the guinea pig, so he is trying his best to get at it since for some reason DS is holding it an the cage is in the back? Next thing you know I hit a bump, pig goes flying, doxin is lunging and blue tick is trying to steer while DS is squealing almost as loud as the pig! I pulled over. DS subdued the wild hoards while I tried to calm my heart rate. Gehish! All were delivered in one piece, even the cell phone, God is good.

As we get ready to leave, I did want to take a moment and reflex on what I am grateful for as we will be traveling with God's grace and little else. First, as the story above illustrates, I am grateful for a sense of humor and a fantastic family. Although both test the limits sometimes. This week though I mainly want to mention my gratefulness for friends. Our very special friend from Mexico came to visit last week and brought his DS, who spent this past week-end with us. Here is their/our story in a nut shell (or two): Big G is a single dad who lived 4 house down from us and attended the same church, before moving back home to Mexico almost 3 years ago. His wife left and his oldest dd died of congenital heart disease, leaving him with two other children and a job with long hours. Our sons were best friends before I even became awear of a sitter problem for him. I had been trying to get away from the kid business so to speak and actually had turned down a job at the high school working with special needs children, so that I could follow my dream of radio. God is funny that way. You can run but you can't hide. On one rainy school day I was faced with a tearful boy who didn't want to leave his little sister alone and be late for school. My heart melted and the rest is history. For the next 3 years those children were at my house almost 6 days a week 12 hours a day. We loved every moment of it! They even went to church with us when their dad couldn't make it. The Mexican culture is very different than ours and we showed them a few firsts. Like the pumpkin patch, and the first time they put their hands in pumpkin guts! LOL (well little Gabe anyway, since my ds who will hold a cows uterus but thinks p guts are too gross! LOL) They shared every holiday, every birthday, every Christmas, every Thanksgiving. We were their family and they ours. I was the only mother figure they had for almost 4 years. I almost died when they left. I understand the reasoning and respect them, but it hurt - bad. Since then God has blessed us with our two twins (won't replace the two that left though) and a long distance friendship that both families have honored. Big Gabe was there when DH mother was killed in a car accident and we were there when his dd finely got some peace and passed on. Thanks to the Internet and this blog we keep in touch, not to mention an occasional "faliez nave da" text at odd hours. Last year Big G came to visit alone, I was not happy. This year he brought little G and not only was I happy but DS (who almost never smiles - uncool for a teen) was too! I was happy to see that they picked up like they had never been apart! That is sometimes not the case, even in friends you go to school with or see all the time. Next year Big G promises to bring little S, his dd. It is so expensive and hard to get passports for the kids, but I can't wait. I wondered if she would even remember us? Both her dad and brother assured us that she does and talks about my middle dd all the time. This warms the cockles of my heart. I just wanted to share this good fortune of a God blessed friendship with you all today and hope you experience a similar one with God and others.

Here is DS (in the white) and his best bud, see the smile? Almost never happens!

And finely, here I am doing what I do best! This was taken at our local Piggly Wiggly looking towards the Fred's (can almost see yellow sign) on another warm middle TN. day I am so blessed!

Please pray for us as we hit the road today and travel to my dd wedding. Thank you. For more Gratituesday visit www.heavenlyhomemakers.com

Blessings, Beth Ann

Monday, August 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Hits the road!

Hey all! This is it, the big week, my dd is getting married. So we are taking a road trip, which means menus will be crazy and out of sync (and not the boys band or are they men now?) . Crazy is good, sometimes. Nuts is more like it here. I have had a stress headache since last Friday. It has been around so long, that we named it - stress buster (not to be confused with ghost busters). I am sure all the stress will disappear once we pull out on to the road, cross your fingers. We cleaned the RV last week. DH backed out of it's little hidey hole and now we are loading it. Both DH and DS are working tomorrow, as soon as they get out at 5 we are hitting the road. Good thing I learned long ago how to cook while barreling down the expressway, a la the movie "the long, long trailer"; with Lucy and Desi. Also lucky DS works at the animal clinic, so he can take the dogs to work with him and also the guinea pig. We are very blessed in so many ways, and they all lend to us even being able to come on this trip! Can't wait to share it all with you!
Here is our on the road schedule:
Monday: Salisbury patties (made w/ground turkey) w/mashed potatoes and green beans
Tuesday: Leaving for MI - Deli fried chicken (bought last nights mark down) w/home made guacamole and tortilla chips (fixed in RV)
Wednesday: Arriving in MI, depends on time - Turkey burgers w/Tatar tots and carrot sticks (fixed in RV)
Thursday: Rehearsal Dinner for wedding , dd tells me it's at local restaurant (Thanks Nana & Papa)
Friday: WEDDING DAY! Reception to follow.
Saturday: Back on the road and home, verrrrrrrrrry late! Home made pizza w/veggie sticks (fixed in RV)
Sunday: All the diet Vernor's, pickled bologna and hunter sausage we can eat; that we bought in northern Mi, since they don't sell it here in middle TN. (has to be the hunter sausage from Hop's N' Schnapps west ) LOL
When it comes to cooking in the RV, we are really lucky with our oven. Not all RV ovens are created equal. Many newer models have small ovens, because only two old people go RVing? We have a '98 Winnebago class C on a Ford Chaise. DH made sure we got a vehicle that he could fix, not a ginormous diesel pusher. Anyway, I can fit a 9 x 13 pan in my oven! So I will make two 9 x 13 pizza's while we are going down the road.
Whats for dinner at your house this week? For more menu plan Monday visit www.orgjunkie.com
Blessings, Beth Ann

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stitching Sunday

Greetings friends. Just settling in with a cup of coffee as I get ready to do computer time. As we were leaving church this afternoon, a nice gentle rain started to fall! Praise the Lord! Been soo long here with no rain. Not as bad as last year, but still . . . Church ran over today as we had a luncheon after service to send off our interim Pastor. So once again, after 15 months, our little church is adrift. Please pray for our church. We have been searching all these months for a new Pastor. Looks like it is down to two people. Pray for our leadership and growth. As Pastor S was preaching to day, he shared with us this quote he found; "God may take away the worker, but not the work". I found that very affirmative. In our text, He took our former Pastor to South Korea, but there is still work to be done in our little church in middle TN. The scripture he shared with us had to do with Joshua 1:1-10. Even though Moses was dead and gone, there was still work for Joshua and the Israelites to do. Hmmm . . . Just some food for thought.

Been a very crazy couple weeks here and they are picking up speed! Two days until we leave for MI and 5 days until dd wedding! Yikes. But I know God and all our friends here in Mayberry will be with us. I can't even begin to share with you the pouring out of goodwill we have experienced here as we shared our story of stepping out in faith to go 16 hours north (that is with no stops) and no funds available to us. Everyone we asked to pray for us has agreed immediately (even a co-workers of DH that is a Masonic). I just wanted to make it clear, no one has just given us a wad of cash and poof - our troubles were over. But the joy in our hearts is plentiful. I can't wait to share with you all when I get back the rest of this story. Not to mention plenty of pictures - LOL

Here on stitching Sunday I wanted to share an older piece with you. Fifteen years old to be exact. I stitched this when my oldest ds was only a couple weeks old. It is another sampler and says "welcome friends" at the top. Sorry the picture is so foggy. Ever take a pic and think it is fine until you go to use it? Grrr. This piece has resided in three different homes and two different states. I loved the coloring of the ginger cat and the pastel boarder. Every time I see it, it brings a smile and a memory to my face. Isn't that what stitching is about, creating memories?

Share some of your crafty memories today.

Blessings, Beth Ann

Friday, August 22, 2008

School Days

Today ends our first full week of school here at our house. Like all schools, public or at home, it's always crazy. There is joy, sorrow, tears and some happiness; and that's just me! LOL Come on, you must have saw that one coming! We switched over to a new curriculum this year and the kids seem to be enjoying it. Liked I mentioned on my previous blog, on the first day of science they blew up my nice glass PYREX measuring cup. If that is gauge for our new school year, zoinks! It's going to be a wild one. I have pretty lax about posting school type pictures here, although I do take them and scrape book them for the kids. Which is a testament to my parental love as I pretty much loath all things scrap booking. You know how it is though, would cut your arm off for your kid (well at least the one you don't write with). Anyway, will make a better effort to also get the pictures here for the family that lives in the frozen tundra that we call MI and we don't see often. Here are a few to start off with:

We are doing world history and read the book, 1000 paper cranes. Here are some of the creative ones we made our selves. We didn't have traditional origami paper and just used what was available, that is why you see red, white and blue cranes as well as star studded cranes.

My oldest was not to be out done and made this ginormous crane out of news paper. He now flies proudly in our dinning room.

Here is twin son E practicing tracing his letters w/dad on his first day of pre K

Here is twin dd E doing the same with big dd B, who has a hard time helping. B is the only south paw in our family.
The big wedding is one week from today and we are leaving Tuesday for northern MI (think way up by the mighty Mac). We will take some of our work books with us, since only about 1/4 of our school work is on the computer this year. One more home school perk, work while you travel and while your still in your Jammie's! It's a 16 hour drive, so the kids should get it done and still have time to roll around on the bed and watch TV (in our RV). Feeling pretty blessed right now. Hope you are too.
Blessings, Beth Ann

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catch up Thursday! LOL

Greetings all from middle TN. Things have been crazy here this week, with fall upon us and the start of school and only 1 more week until my dd wedding! Through in some church activities, extracurricular activities for the kids and a science experiment gone wrong and you have a recipe for stress and PYREX all over your kitchen!. Today is a little calmer. Also the only day this week that DH opens at work. He usually just closes and is home all morning and early afternoon. Coincidence? Hmmmm . . . LOL

Anyway, just wanted to share these pool pictures with you all, as they are so cute! Then we can move on to school pictures, fall pictures and of course - WEDDING pictures!

Here is twin son E in his frog floaty. He is having a pool of a time!

Here is my oldest ds, Z, trying oh so hard to look pool - I mean cool!

Here is twin dd E, having a whale - I mean dolphin of a time! (yes I am this cheesy at home too)

Not sure you can make this out, but that is ds, Z laying on the cat walk catching some zzzzzzzzzzz's.

Here is twin son E and our blue tick, Hershey, contemplating the pool temp.
I have one more dd still at home, not sure where she was this day. Most likely at one of her friends house. She is quiet the social butterfly, just like her big sister. Now that I think of it, my youngest dd seems to be going that way as well! Good grief, I have raised girly - girls! LOL
Thanks for letting me share with you. I will try to post a few more times to get caught up, before we leave for MI next week.
Blessings, Beth Ann

Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Another week has whizzed by and here we are, in the middle of August. Wow. That's all I have to say on that ~ LOL
We only shop twice a month and this past week-end was one of them. I had just finished this book on 52 easy ways to go green and was armed with a list of items to upgrade at the store. I am getting pretty good with buying healthy food but need work in areas such as personal hygiene and cleaning supplies. It is so hot and humid down here in the summer I have a hard time staying dry unless I buy a roll on with aluminum in it. I know, I know. So I am trying a new brand this week called Kiss my face, since the crystal roll on didn't cut it. This seems to be a bit better, or maybe it's because our humidity drooped as fall gets closer? Either way I was proud it also doesn't have "fragrance" or "parfume". Between that and the toothpaste, ten dollars was pretty much shot. Big sigh. Good thing we are eating more beans and lentils. Also, as my make-up wears out I am trying to go Parban free. I found some organic stuff over with the Maybeline, but apparently being fragrance, parban, animal and chemical free means that it is hard and plastic like, aka - won't spread or move. Sigh.
This week kicks off my transition to the Sue Gregg cookbooks. I can't say enough good stuff about how easy she explains why and how to eat natural and healthy. Best part is it IS cost affective! Last night I made stuff peppers and didn't tell the kids there was no meat in the brown rice, just minced up veggies. They didn't notice or ask. It also filled them up and there wasn't the usual night time clamor for a snack before bed. Course we were playing a pretty aggressive game of Uno Attack, maybe they were distracted? LOL Either way, for more info visit www.suegregg.com
Here is what we are having for dinner this week:
Monday: Pot O' Bean Stew w/home made bread sticks and tossed salad
Tuesday: Waikiki Kabobs stuffed potatoes and pineapple slices
Wednesday: Church/Mom's night off (dinner before bible study)
Thursday: Chicken Paprikish w/whole wheat egg noodles and cabbage wedges
Friday: Tuna Loaf w/ creamed potatoes and peas
Saturday: Home made pizza w/ salad
Sunday: Chile's povo con arroz (pablano peppers and turkey over rice) w/ corn bread and veggie sticks & dip
(Had this listed last week for last Sunday by mistake. Like I mentioned, yesterday was stuffed green peppers w/just picked corn on the cob and a marinated olive & mushroom salad)
For more Menu Planning Monday visit www.orgjunkie.com
Whats for dinner at your house this week?
Blessings, Beth Ann

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stitching Sunday

Hope everyone is having a good week-end. It has been beautiful here, not to warm and still sunny. I can defiantly tell fall is in the air, not just the cooler temps but also the slant of the sun as it plays on our walls. Big sigh, I love fall! But before we get to immersed in daydreaming over autumn; I wanted to share a summer stitching piece with you all.

This is a simple little pattern that took me almost no time to stitch. It came from a ginormous book of samplers I got on a market down from a Kroger type store of all places - LOL

I recycle all my sampler patterns. The last couple years I have been mostly working on patterns from Cross country stitching at Jeremiah Junction. They have a great online store and a myriad of different patterns for every occasion. Visit them at www.crosscountrystitch.com

Cross stitch for ever, house work when ever!

Blessings, Beth Ann

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday

My oldest turns 24 today! Yikes!!! Not much more that I can say about that. I could sit here and reminisce over what a rotten little brat she was - no joking, she had "issues". But we made it through it all, together, and are both stronger for it. I wouldn't be the mom I am today for my other children if it weren't for her. And I am already reaping the rewards of hearing, "now I know how you must have felt", as she takes care of my first grand baby. LOL That sounds soooo sweet.

Oldest dd w/my grand son Jack-Jack (as we call him) or Jack -Jack attack if you have seen the animated movie The Incredibles.

The picture was taken about 14 months ago when they came down to visit and we went to the aquarium in Chattanooga. Like I mentioned in my last blog, we are heading up there in 11 days. Two weeks from today she is getting married!!! We really didn't think we could make it, but through the grace of God we are going! She found out today and called me while I was shopping at Kroger's (the good one on HWY 96). Do you know how hard it is to pick out pablano peppers while someone is shrieking in your ear on your cell? LOL It was a good shrieking though. It is so cool she found out to day. I had mailed her RSVP on Monday as a surprise, but she didn't check her mail. Silly girl. She found out by going to her friends house and checking my blog real quick to see if I remembered her birthday! ROFL What a REALLY silly girl. If you have ever met K you will never forget her. Anyway, she was half way through my last blog with tears in her eyes when she had to call me, awe.

Any reservations we might have had on if we were doing the right thing or hearing God right, disappeared after hammering out the final details with my dd. This is coming together so smoothly at the last minute that it can only be Divine interference. It also reminds us of how we came to move to middle TN. in the first place. Once the decision was made it all happened in two months time, just 60 quick days. No problems and many mind bending occurrences. DH getting cash for his property with in two weeks of putting it on market, DH being able to transfer both his jobs down here, me getting a job while checking out our new home on-line. The list goes on and on. Once God speaks you must be ready to move!

Happy Birthday Krissy - tina! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!! XOXOXO See you in 11 days!

Blessings, Beth Ann (MOM)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love God so much and I am grateful that I can see Him working in my life! So on this Gratituesday I am grateful for having God in my life.
I want to share a story that started about 4 months ago. My oldest dd called me to tell me she was getting married. When we relocated to middle TN. she remained in northern MI. to be with her friends and boy friend. They have been together for 7 years and last year they gave me my first grandchild, Jack. So this news came as no surprise. But it did come at a very bad time and with real short notice. For many reasons, including money, jobs and my other children, we couldn't make it up there. My husband and I prayed every day on this. I watched it eat up my middle dd. As the time grew nearer, it tore me up too. I tried to be as happy and supportive as I could on the phone for her. Last Sat. was the same. I called to tell her that I had mailed her wedding gift and offered her comfort and advice . I KNEW in my heart we weren't going and I had accepted it. Then last Sunday God spoke to us. My DH and I were praying and I heard HIM, and DH did too. I looked up from praying and said, "God says to go and take our RV to stay in up there". At the same time my DH looked up and said, "We will find the gas money". We looked at each other in amazement, then started laughing and crying. DH said, "God wants us to ask for prayer on getting there". I said at almost the same time, "God wants us to start a prayer chain of love". The feeling was electrifying and I could feel the love bubbling up inside of me. We started right away that day. Phoning, emailing, visiting people and and asking for them to pray for us and our trip. We are totally walking in faith on this one. We don't have one extra dollar to our name and we will need the gas to drive about 1600 miles round trip. With shaking hands I dug out the RSVP from her wedding invitation and filled it out, six people will be going to your wedding and reception. When I put it in the mail first thing Monday morning, DH said there is no turning back now. In just 14 days we will be leaving for MI on Gods love. We are excited by trusting God like this and are hoping that by telling as many people as possible about our trip we can also turn it into a testament of God and reflect His love for others to see and want a part of. Today is only day two of this mission and we have already had several positive affirmations of love and prayer. We are so thrilled, and the children are learning a valuable lesson as well.
Walking in faith and leaning on God is not new to us or our family. For the past year and a half my DH has had no gas money for his truck, but he has never missed one day of work. On pay days we never put any money side for our vehicles, we didn't have any after paying bills and buying groceries. Some how he always managed to have enough. An odd job here, a car repair there. The key here is the word enough. We always had enough, never more, never less. God will always give you what you need to survive. The trick is to knowing what you need vs. what you want. You and God might have different ideas! LOL
I have mentioned the book God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew several times here on my blog. It has impacted me and my family greatly. My DH and oldest son reference it frequently. So once again I encourage you to read it if you are unfamiliar with it. If you know me personally, I would be glad to lend you my dog eared copy!
For more Gratituesday visit www.heavenlyhomemakers.com
Blessings, Beth Ann

Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Greetings all, from middle TN. Looks like the hot humid weather has broken at last, and fall is in the air! Fall is my most favorite time of year! I don't sweat, I don't freeze and who can not smile when surrounded by all those beautiful fall leaves and grinning jack o-lanterns?
With fall a bevy of activities start to pick up pace. Our public school system started here last week. Remember the good ol'e days when school started after Labor Day? LOL Now everyone knows my age! Well since we home school we have the luxury of keeping our own schedule, as long as we follow state law - X amount of hours a day in X amount of days. Those X's can be when ever we want though! I know things are tough all over and no different here. We were a little worried this year as we didn't have enough funds for all our curriculum. Having a college prep high schooler adds a bit to the bill. Anyway, we were fortunate enough to be given a gift from our friends church. I mentioned these wonderful people in my Goodwill post last month. All I can say is, God is good and His timing is perfect!
With school starting and extracurricular activities in full swing, I can only stress how important menu planning is! I would come unglued if I lost my "little black book" for my kitchen. I even take it camping with me. I am never without it. If I run out of something, I can immediately add it to my shopping list. If I see a great deal, I can check my book to see if I actually need that item. It's not such a great deal if you don't actually need it. So I hope this menu plan helps and for more menu planning Monday visit www.orgjunkie.com
Here's my menu for this week 8/11 - 8/17
Monday: Crock Pot French Dip Sandwich w/Au Jue Sauce and tossed salad
Tuesday: Sesame Buffalo wings w/ stir-fry beans
Wednesday: Church dinner resumes! Mom's night off !
Thursday: Chicken enchiladas w/ veggie stixs and dip
Friday: Cauliflower and sausage casserole w/ smoky cheese sauce and Italian olive salad
Saturday: Home made pizza w/salad
Sunday: Chile's Povo Con Arroz (chili peppers and ground turkey over rice) w/ corn bread
Other cooking this week includes banana bread - alot of it! LOL We were gifted with a whole case of bananas, and the fruit flies that came with them. So we shucked them and most are in the freezer now, waiting to become smoothies or be incorporated into other bake goods.
Whats for dinner at your house?
Blessings, Beth Ann

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arent you GOURD you asked . . .

I know I have mentioned several times my youngest son has OCD. So far no major issues with it. I have it, as well as my oldest son. We both have a couple quirk's that do occasionally make life a little more . . . interesting - LOL For both me and oldest son, our OCD comes out more pronounced when we are stressed. To others it may seem on a daily basis's we are just "neat freaks", or "fussy" about where items should be kept and so on. I personally have some rituals that must be maintained - end of story. I wasn't diagnosed until my late twenty's and it just seems to gradually increase over the years. Didn't notice it in oldest DS until he hit puberty. Guess that is why I am always amazed and sometimes amused at youngest DS antics. The first time we realized he had OCD was when he was only 18 months old. There was an incident at a laundromat in South Carolina. We tried to laugh it off as cute and cleaver, but a flag went up with me. So we just watched and waited to see if it was a issue or a one time deal. Well you know the story from there. Like I said, it doesn't seem to have much of a negative feedback - yet. I can see where in the future it will and his twin sister already knows how to push his buttons. On the other hand, his OCD has given him incredible gifts with numbers, letters and pattern skills. He is only 4 but doing these scholastic skills at a first grade level. I must also say that oldest DS has excelled at math, and is gifted in science. I to seem to be ahead in the math/reading area. Isn't OCD funny? I don't want people to walk around thinking my kids are like "Rainman", but just trying to help you get a mental picture of life with them and me.

Last week I shared Weinerhenge with you. This week is the garden gourd army. We picked our first pumpkin and gourds from our garden last night! So I dug out my pig ear basket to make a center piece for the table. This is what I found this morning when I had my back turned for a moment and left youngest DS at the table.

E's amazing gourd army all lined up and ready for action!

Give someone you know a hug today.
Blessings, Beth Ann

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Stitching Corner

Saturday Stitching Corner . . . . . .

I have decided to start a new Saturday segment about my counted cross-stitching. It is my most favorite hobby (until my eyes give out, I am already on bi-focals). With four kids still at home and home schooling, there is little time for this stress buster. As my twins, the youngest of the four, get older; I do find more time than I used to. I had finished a craft project for my oldest dd, but can't show it here. That is what inspired me to start this segment. I will show some of the items I kept for myself and are near and dear to my heart. I will give stitching tips, share links and new info - in general, I will just kibitz with you. Just pretend we are at your house sharing a cup of coffee!

The first piece I chose to share with you is a Christmas pillow I made last year. It is a cheery group of mittens hanging on a cloths line, proudly displaying a holiday message. I have wonderful memories of working on this as we traveled through Atlanta, GA on our way to South Carolina. I sat in my comfy camp chair and propped my feet up as I stitched in the early morning light as the sound of the Atlantic Ocean crashed behind me or as I sat near the fire glow as my DH grilled our dinner in the great out doors. Ok, now it sounds as if all I did was sit on my kiester during the trip - LOL Trust me - NOT!!! The point is every piece has a wonderful memory attached to it.

My Christmas cloths line pillow - stitched 2007

If you want to join me in stitching, I get the bulk of my supplies on-line at www.crosscountryshopping.com See you next Saturday!

Blessings, Beth Ann

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Works for me Wed. ~ Carrots!

As I was blogging yesterdays Gratituesday, it occurred to me I had an idea for today. I was so excited, which I know sounds silly, but I can't always think of anything new and exciting I do. So you see, I seldom post on Works for me Wednesday. Anyway, here is my big idea - carrots! I buy the big 25lb. bag from Publix for $14.99, which is a heck of a deal since the 5lb. bag goes for $5.99 here in middle TN. It is the big bag for juicing, but we don't juice. The bag lasts me about 4 weeks now, used to be 6 before we got our rescue Guinea Pig. I use them in everything! If the kids want a snack right before dinner, bam! Here's a carrot! LOL I make a ton of veggie trays, especially in the summer with our garden produce. I make my son Z favorite, honey glazed carrots. I shred them into salads and slaws, I pickle them, the pig eats them . . . you get the picture. So for about $3.75 a week I get a ton of options and the kids are happy, the animals are happy and I am happy feeding my kids something so healthy!
For more Works for me Wednesday visit www.rocksinmydryer.net
Blessings, Beth Ann

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


b I had already done Menu plan Monday yesterday, when I set about making dinner. Although it is around 100 and I was hot in the kitchen, I felt so blessed while making this veggie tray for my family, I wanted to share it. It was very calming and therapeutic, slicing, chopping and peeling. I made my dill ranch dressing first, and then let it chill while I chopped. While the cucumbers were the only thing from my garden, I still took pleasure in it. I did pick some okra too, and baked them today for lunch; in a shake and bake kind of mix. Trying to make them healthier than frying in oil. Turned out pretty well. I used cornmeal, Lawry's and fresh cracked pepper. I worked in a deli for many years, so I get a bit fancy at meal time - LOL

Veggies A La Beth!

Here is my whole Monday meal from Menu planning Monday, Macaroni Lasagna and fresh veggie tray. We also had some whole grain bread with butter.

When I am able to put a hot, wholesome meal on my table, I feel grateful and blessed. So many out there can't. For more Gratituesday visit www.heavenlyhomemakers.com

Blessings, Beth Ann

Monday, August 04, 2008

Menu Monday

Hi ya'll. Another week and here we are, August! August brings the end of summer, school starting, my oldest dd birthday, and her wedding! A big month huh? I would also like to squeeze in at least one week-end camping trip. Camping has been few and far between this summer with DH opening a new store and temps in the high 90's. To hot for me. I take a b/p med that makes me allergic to the sun and hard to regulate my body temp. So don't want to spend all my time in the RV in the air conditioning. Hoping this month will bring some temp breaks. Either way, only 10 more weeks to our annual S.C. trip. Should I put a ticker on my blog? Not that I am obsessed about it or anything ~ LOL

My garden is producing big time now and I am running out of things to pickle! LOL I have even made some freezer jam. Thought my tomatoes would never turn red, but at last . . . If you have any good pickling ideas drop a comment. In the meantime, here is what we are having for dinner this week:

Monday: Macaroni lasagna w/tossed salad

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry w/ hot and sour soup

Wednesday: Turkey kielbasa w/ home made sauerkraut

Thursday: Dijon baked chicken w/ crock pot baked potatoes and steamed broccoli

Friday: Beefy Taco Jose on whole wheat buns w/fresh veggie sticks and home made applesauce

Saturday: Home made pizza w/ garden fresh salad

Sunday: Cheese and mushroom tortellini w/ garlic bread sticks and cucumber salad

Other cooking this week includes but is not limited to: Home made tortillas, pickled eggs, oven baked okra, home made graham crackers, home made salad dressing, turnip jam and pickled carrots. What are you having this week?

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Blessings, Beth Ann

Friday, August 01, 2008


First there was Stonehenge, in Wiltshire England . . .

And they said it would never last . . .

Then there was . . . Wienerhenge ! ! !

I have mentioned before that my youngest son has OCD. Well this is what a hot dog dinner looks like to a kid with OCD. Note, I do not put his hot dogs on his plate this way. He does this himself.

Just had to share this, it is to cute!

Blessings, Beth Ann