Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is a big blur for me and the family. We are rushing around getting ready to leave for northern MI and my dd wedding. First thing this morning I had to get DH off to work and take DS to work and drop off the dogs and pig. (see yesterdays post) Just crazy! DH forgot his cell phone, good thing he works next door to DS, one more thing for me to take care of. On our way to the clinic, the dogs are freaking out, they know there is only one reason to be in a car! Top it off, the dachshund has never liked the guinea pig, so he is trying his best to get at it since for some reason DS is holding it an the cage is in the back? Next thing you know I hit a bump, pig goes flying, doxin is lunging and blue tick is trying to steer while DS is squealing almost as loud as the pig! I pulled over. DS subdued the wild hoards while I tried to calm my heart rate. Gehish! All were delivered in one piece, even the cell phone, God is good.

As we get ready to leave, I did want to take a moment and reflex on what I am grateful for as we will be traveling with God's grace and little else. First, as the story above illustrates, I am grateful for a sense of humor and a fantastic family. Although both test the limits sometimes. This week though I mainly want to mention my gratefulness for friends. Our very special friend from Mexico came to visit last week and brought his DS, who spent this past week-end with us. Here is their/our story in a nut shell (or two): Big G is a single dad who lived 4 house down from us and attended the same church, before moving back home to Mexico almost 3 years ago. His wife left and his oldest dd died of congenital heart disease, leaving him with two other children and a job with long hours. Our sons were best friends before I even became awear of a sitter problem for him. I had been trying to get away from the kid business so to speak and actually had turned down a job at the high school working with special needs children, so that I could follow my dream of radio. God is funny that way. You can run but you can't hide. On one rainy school day I was faced with a tearful boy who didn't want to leave his little sister alone and be late for school. My heart melted and the rest is history. For the next 3 years those children were at my house almost 6 days a week 12 hours a day. We loved every moment of it! They even went to church with us when their dad couldn't make it. The Mexican culture is very different than ours and we showed them a few firsts. Like the pumpkin patch, and the first time they put their hands in pumpkin guts! LOL (well little Gabe anyway, since my ds who will hold a cows uterus but thinks p guts are too gross! LOL) They shared every holiday, every birthday, every Christmas, every Thanksgiving. We were their family and they ours. I was the only mother figure they had for almost 4 years. I almost died when they left. I understand the reasoning and respect them, but it hurt - bad. Since then God has blessed us with our two twins (won't replace the two that left though) and a long distance friendship that both families have honored. Big Gabe was there when DH mother was killed in a car accident and we were there when his dd finely got some peace and passed on. Thanks to the Internet and this blog we keep in touch, not to mention an occasional "faliez nave da" text at odd hours. Last year Big G came to visit alone, I was not happy. This year he brought little G and not only was I happy but DS (who almost never smiles - uncool for a teen) was too! I was happy to see that they picked up like they had never been apart! That is sometimes not the case, even in friends you go to school with or see all the time. Next year Big G promises to bring little S, his dd. It is so expensive and hard to get passports for the kids, but I can't wait. I wondered if she would even remember us? Both her dad and brother assured us that she does and talks about my middle dd all the time. This warms the cockles of my heart. I just wanted to share this good fortune of a God blessed friendship with you all today and hope you experience a similar one with God and others.

Here is DS (in the white) and his best bud, see the smile? Almost never happens!

And finely, here I am doing what I do best! This was taken at our local Piggly Wiggly looking towards the Fred's (can almost see yellow sign) on another warm middle TN. day I am so blessed!

Please pray for us as we hit the road today and travel to my dd wedding. Thank you. For more Gratituesday visit www.heavenlyhomemakers.com

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Laura said...

I'm so glad you took the time out to be grateful during all the crazy busy-ness you have going on!