Tuesday, August 05, 2008


b I had already done Menu plan Monday yesterday, when I set about making dinner. Although it is around 100 and I was hot in the kitchen, I felt so blessed while making this veggie tray for my family, I wanted to share it. It was very calming and therapeutic, slicing, chopping and peeling. I made my dill ranch dressing first, and then let it chill while I chopped. While the cucumbers were the only thing from my garden, I still took pleasure in it. I did pick some okra too, and baked them today for lunch; in a shake and bake kind of mix. Trying to make them healthier than frying in oil. Turned out pretty well. I used cornmeal, Lawry's and fresh cracked pepper. I worked in a deli for many years, so I get a bit fancy at meal time - LOL

Veggies A La Beth!

Here is my whole Monday meal from Menu planning Monday, Macaroni Lasagna and fresh veggie tray. We also had some whole grain bread with butter.

When I am able to put a hot, wholesome meal on my table, I feel grateful and blessed. So many out there can't. For more Gratituesday visit www.heavenlyhomemakers.com

Blessings, Beth Ann


Anonymous said...

I LOVE veggies and dip!

Laura said...

Putting meals on the table is something we often just take for granted isn't it? Thanks for sharing this...and yum...that meal looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that!

Something that may interest you since you, too, are homemaker-y-ish (my word :):


It's an organization that one of the pastors of my church started. Check it out - very cool! I'm going to do it myself sometime soon. Would be good for Christmas gifts, too.

God bless! :)