Friday, August 22, 2008

School Days

Today ends our first full week of school here at our house. Like all schools, public or at home, it's always crazy. There is joy, sorrow, tears and some happiness; and that's just me! LOL Come on, you must have saw that one coming! We switched over to a new curriculum this year and the kids seem to be enjoying it. Liked I mentioned on my previous blog, on the first day of science they blew up my nice glass PYREX measuring cup. If that is gauge for our new school year, zoinks! It's going to be a wild one. I have pretty lax about posting school type pictures here, although I do take them and scrape book them for the kids. Which is a testament to my parental love as I pretty much loath all things scrap booking. You know how it is though, would cut your arm off for your kid (well at least the one you don't write with). Anyway, will make a better effort to also get the pictures here for the family that lives in the frozen tundra that we call MI and we don't see often. Here are a few to start off with:

We are doing world history and read the book, 1000 paper cranes. Here are some of the creative ones we made our selves. We didn't have traditional origami paper and just used what was available, that is why you see red, white and blue cranes as well as star studded cranes.

My oldest was not to be out done and made this ginormous crane out of news paper. He now flies proudly in our dinning room.

Here is twin son E practicing tracing his letters w/dad on his first day of pre K

Here is twin dd E doing the same with big dd B, who has a hard time helping. B is the only south paw in our family.
The big wedding is one week from today and we are leaving Tuesday for northern MI (think way up by the mighty Mac). We will take some of our work books with us, since only about 1/4 of our school work is on the computer this year. One more home school perk, work while you travel and while your still in your Jammie's! It's a 16 hour drive, so the kids should get it done and still have time to roll around on the bed and watch TV (in our RV). Feeling pretty blessed right now. Hope you are too.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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