Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Well, I did it!  I finished my first sweater!  Such a feeling of accomplishment : )  It seemed to take forever, but I did finish like 12 other small projects while working on it.  Now I look back and go, OK, that was actually pretty easy ; )  I was so worried it wouldn't turn out and wouldn't fit anyone.  Well it didn't fit the person I intended, but I did find a happy recipient for it.  This is the second item I have knitted by the pattern and has turned out to small.  I am starting to see that most patterns run on the small side.  No problem, I will just make the proper adjustments.  Here is the finished item:

It is a bright pink sweater knitted with an acrylic silver thread running through the yarn.  I add purple mohair to the cuffs and collar.  The collar was crochet, single stitch.  Note the awesome designer label, I ordered these a while back and have some that say grandma too.

I turned my back for one second while taking photo's and our cat Joe thought he liked the sweater too!

And here is the happy new owner of the sweater, my friend's dd, H.    Alls' well that ends well.

Blessings, Beth Ann

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OH my gourdness!

Our garden is on the down side now, but I did want to share a couple pictures with you all.  Hubby went out to work in the yard yesterday and snapped these to share.  We have a luffa plant gone crazy and it looks so funny going up the side of our house!

It has over taken Z's bedroom window, you can barely see the air conditioner as it makes it way up the roof past our second story bedroom window.

How crazy?

Here is a look from inside his room : )

Finely, here is some of the gourd booty that hubby picked yesterday, small bottle necks and luffas (on the right).

God has blessed our little garden well this year and I pray he blesses you as well, Beth Ann

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knitting update

Back from the Women of Faith camping trip, and trying to get into the groove again.  We had a great time, fellowship, shared secrets, hugged much and received some much needed rain.  One on the best things was just floating in the lake with my ladies and admiring our painted toe nails.  Who knew being in the lake, without children, could actually be relaxing?  There were pic's taken, but it was decided to not share them.  What happens in Defeated Creek, stays in Defeated Creek : )

While all this was going on, I did have some time to knit.    I finished these wrist warmers for my dd, who hoodwinked me into doing them for her.
B picked out this yarn herself and is modeling these beauties for you.

I wish the color showed up better, these are very bright, I mean neon! 

Here are some Christmas booties I finished for my new grandson.

Hunter will be 6 months old come Christmas, hope these will fit.  Think I will just make a whole mess of them in about 5 different sizes.  Some for grandson and some for about 3 other babies to be, that I know ; )

Not much else here.  Oldest dd turned 26 over the week-end.  Called her from camp and was glad her gift had made it in time.  Next comes her anniversary and then about a zillion b-days in October.  Oh and like 110 days to Christmas.  That is only like 8 paychecks for us.  I will not panic, I will not panic, I will not panic . . .

Blessings, Beth Ann

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Total randomness

Been a few days, so thought I would check in with some high-lights.  First off, we are all well and doing fine.  Z had a fibro flare - up early in the week, but seems to be doing better now.  I feel so powerless when those occur.  Such a defeating feeling. 

On Friday I am headed up to Defeated Creek once again, this time for the church ladies "Women of Faith" week-end camping devotional.  Last year was so much fun, hoping this year tops that!  It has been over 100 degrees everyday for the past couple weeks here.  So also hoping to get some relief from that while camping, or I might not leave my RV and it's air!

Thought I would share this pic of my ruby red fingerling potato with you.  I thought it looked a bit like a heart.  I was cleaning them up to make 'Warm mustard potato salad' for church tonight.

Those are tomatoes from our garden in the background : )

Yesterday I cast on my first ever pair of baby booties.  I found out that I could put both pair on one needle and knit at the same time!  Isn't that terribly clever?  Well I finished last night and sewed them up today.  I am happy with the results and they match the bib I made a couple weeks ago.
These will be going to a young church friend who is expecting her second son in Nov. , but I plan to make a ton in different sizes.  I will send some off to my new grandson and squirrel some away for future craft inventory.  They are very addictive to knit.

Blessings, Beth Ann

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fly away home

Today we let our butterflies go free.  It was a very fulfilling moment for us.  We started with five larva and ended with 5 butterflies, but one didn't make it, he hatched with a deformed wing and died the second day.  That too is part of the lesson learned for the family.  All four children really enjoyed this activity, even though it came with our K curriculum for the twins, and I must confess that I too found myself staring at the cocoons , waiting . . .    So here is a quick glimpse of the project, beginning to end.

Here they are when they arrived as larva, aka caterpillars

Here they are as five chrysalises

Here are two newly hatched butterflies that have perched at the top of the habitat

Here is E setting them free, all four flew out happy as a lark : )

This is just a random pic that K said I should share.  These are a couple of our squash vines that ran up the side of the house and totally enveloped Z's bedroom window!  Crazy or what?  LOL

I really love home school!  Blessings, Beth Ann

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Life cycles

Sorry I haven't blogged much this past week.  We have been dealing with summer colds here, and still working on school.  I have been organizing cooking jobs as well.  I am doing some cooking for friends and church.  Not much to get excited about, but enough to help us eat proper food and not boxed mac & cheese.

We are growning butterflies from larva in home school, very exciting.   

They come in this cute little cup with peep holes : )
If you look at the top of the lid you can see the 5 caterpillars hanging upside down, making chrysalises.
And there they are in there habitat.

Here is a close up of the 5 chrysalis after they were placed in their butterfly habitat.
Speaking of life cycles, here is oldest son and his pal, little Gabe.

I know, the kid is huge and a full year younger than Z, but he will always be 'little' to me.  I use to babysit him and his sister for about 4 years, until they moved back to Mexico.  I cried so hard the day they left, it was like one of mine was leaving.  Selena was only 4 when I started watching her, and Gabe was sitting on our front porch with his dog, they day we pulled up with our U--Haul to move in.  They lived 5 houses down the street from us and even attended the same church.  We became family.  Their mom left and the oldest sister died.  We shared it all.  I am so grateful they sill come to visit about once a year, and that 'little' Gabe doesn't get to 'big' for a hug!

Blessings, Beth Ann