Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Total randomness

Been a few days, so thought I would check in with some high-lights.  First off, we are all well and doing fine.  Z had a fibro flare - up early in the week, but seems to be doing better now.  I feel so powerless when those occur.  Such a defeating feeling. 

On Friday I am headed up to Defeated Creek once again, this time for the church ladies "Women of Faith" week-end camping devotional.  Last year was so much fun, hoping this year tops that!  It has been over 100 degrees everyday for the past couple weeks here.  So also hoping to get some relief from that while camping, or I might not leave my RV and it's air!

Thought I would share this pic of my ruby red fingerling potato with you.  I thought it looked a bit like a heart.  I was cleaning them up to make 'Warm mustard potato salad' for church tonight.

Those are tomatoes from our garden in the background : )

Yesterday I cast on my first ever pair of baby booties.  I found out that I could put both pair on one needle and knit at the same time!  Isn't that terribly clever?  Well I finished last night and sewed them up today.  I am happy with the results and they match the bib I made a couple weeks ago.
These will be going to a young church friend who is expecting her second son in Nov. , but I plan to make a ton in different sizes.  I will send some off to my new grandson and squirrel some away for future craft inventory.  They are very addictive to knit.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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