Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fly away home

Today we let our butterflies go free.  It was a very fulfilling moment for us.  We started with five larva and ended with 5 butterflies, but one didn't make it, he hatched with a deformed wing and died the second day.  That too is part of the lesson learned for the family.  All four children really enjoyed this activity, even though it came with our K curriculum for the twins, and I must confess that I too found myself staring at the cocoons , waiting . . .    So here is a quick glimpse of the project, beginning to end.

Here they are when they arrived as larva, aka caterpillars

Here they are as five chrysalises

Here are two newly hatched butterflies that have perched at the top of the habitat

Here is E setting them free, all four flew out happy as a lark : )

This is just a random pic that K said I should share.  These are a couple of our squash vines that ran up the side of the house and totally enveloped Z's bedroom window!  Crazy or what?  LOL

I really love home school!  Blessings, Beth Ann

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