Friday, January 30, 2009

Just checking in

Thought I would come up for air and drop a line to let everyone know we are still kicking here in middle TN. Been a crazy past week or so, always something going on. I guess the most consuming issue has been my little miniature daschund, Howard. We noticed last week he just wasn't right, and was regressing in the progress he has made towards walking. We took him in and Doc said that he had blown another disk in his back. That was so alarming to me. How many more can he go before he is 100% paralyzed instead of the 50% he is now? When will I have to put him down. He is only 8 and has been battling this for almost two years now. Sigh. The good news is the Doc seemed hopeful and gave him some good pain pills and an anti-inflammatory pill. He seemed better for a couple days, but then seemed to slip again. We took him back in on my son's next day to work, such a blessing having a child who works with your local vet. I guess I was just panicking. Doc seemed to think Howard was doing fine with his med's and just needed more time. He reminded me how long it took last time for the swelling to go down. We are hoping he will regain the limited range of motion he had regained prior to this injury. Doc called him an amazing dog and said he hadn't seen many who even tried to walk again. He may be amazing (yes I am a proud dog mama) but personally I believe he just doesn't "get" that he can't anymore. Does that make sense? Not once, even after the original injury, has he stopped or tried to do anything differently. He will drag his legs behind him until they bleed, because he just keeps walking/running/chasing cats! Our vet is one of the dog vets at the Iditarod every year, and he has given Howie a pair of the little booties the sled dogs wear to protect their feet, so he won't rub soars on his knees. So that is what I have been up to, fussing over an nine pound dog! LOL Well that and other things, like shopping and the never ending laundry pile (who's cloths are those?).
I always shop on Friday, for the upcoming week. So today I shopped and finished out my first month on the $75 a week budget I set. Well, after tax, pet food and toilet paper it is more like $45, but anyway . . . I am amazed at how well it went and how we were able to do it! Yes I did get some help from a friend who volunteers at a local distribution center that deals in bread (like the discount bread stores), and miscellaneous other food and other items. She even had items such as brand new unopened deodorants to give me and my daughter. Every dollar counts! I am so blessed to know her. She is helping a couple other families in our church as well. I guess I feel that what ever help I received from her means I don't have to go to our local food pantry for help, and someone else can benefit from that. Any bread I receive from her means that the flour I have can go toward something else, such as pancakes or rolls. You get the point. I have watched this lady become a born again Christian in our church and her growth in the word has been exponential, as has her bread ministry. It started out as a crusade for the local jail and has grown with her helping two different churches and a several individual families! What a blessing!
Something that I have noticed in my budget shopping is the mark down meat phenomenon. When I first started purchasing mark down meat, I found it at only a couple of locations and there was a limited amount. There were actually people waiting/pushing to get this meat. The early bird and all that. But for about the last month or so I have noticed that almost all stores have not only marked down meat, but an abundance of it. Today at the Wal-Mart (early) their entire meat counter was full of mark down. Usually it is only one or two items and very seldom. This tells me two things. One, people are not buying meat or cutting back on how much they buy, and two, they can't even afford to buy the mark down meat either! There are some tough times ahead. I feel blessed that my DH job seems secure for now and that we are making it, even if it is week to week sometimes. We plan to stock up on meat with a small amount of our tax return, keep up with our $75 budget and work hard on our garden this spring. I think we will be OK.
Remember, our economic future is not dependent on a new President but on God. He knows His plans for us and will provide for us (Jeremiah and Matthew).
Blessings, Beth Ann

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Found this over at and thought I would share.

Blessings, Beth Ann

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grocery Cart Challange shopping Link

There wasn't as many good deals this week, but it was my first week using Cellfire coupons and printing them off at home as well. Used them at Kroger and it went well. I will be doing more on-line coupon printing for sure! Here is how my trip went for feeding 6 on $75 for a week.

This is my booty from my first trip, a.k.a. "into the city".

First stop was Kroger's:
2-10 oz. bag tortilla chips @ $1 each/$2
can tuna $.68
Cheerios's $2.67
cellfire coupon for Cheerios's $.75-
manufacture coupon for Cheerios's $.75- (so Cheerios's ended up costing $1.17)
Marked down cubed ham (for pizza and omelets) $1.49
2- hard salami lunch meat @$1.79 each/$3.58
Tuna helper $1
1.82lbs. green grapes @$1.28lb./$2.33
3- marked down fresh sausage patty 6ct. pkg. @$1.29/$3.87
6ct. pkg. Top Ramon noodles $.99
1 - Banquet heat and serve sausage links @$1 each/$2

Total: $22.21

Next stop is the UGO or United Grocery Outlet
Head of Romaine Lettuce $1
Box cereal $1.65
32oz. jar pickles $1.69

Total: $4.77
If you drink soda, this was a good deal. We like Pepsi, but I won't buy it with my grocery money. UGO had these 16 oz. cans in a 12 pk. for $2.50, see how tall the can is? DH ponyed up the money to get two of these.

We rounded out our trip into the city by stopping into Wal=Mart

2- gallons of milk @$3.14 each/$$6.26
cake mix $.88
frosting $1.26
2ct. frozen pie shell $1.52
15lb. cat litter $2.78
29 oz. tomato sauce $.82
2lb. brown rice $1.58
20 oz. crushed pineapple $.98
70ct. bendy straws $1.50
100ct. 3 oz. bathroom cup $1.56
gallon of ice cream $3.97
bacon pieces for salads $1.50
3- jiffy corn muffin mix @ $.36 each/$1.08
60ct. fish oil pills $.47

Total: $31.73

This is the loot from my second trip, the local stores here in town.


32 oz. margarine $1.3

2- 2c. bags shredded cheddar @$1.69 each/$3.38

2c. bag shredded mozzarella cheese $1.69

Total: $6.50

Dollar General Market

Hot dog buns $.95

4ct. angel soft t.p. $1.25

8 oz. Lawry's season salt $1.65

4lb. sugar $1.75

2- Turkey dogs @$1 each/$2

16 oz. imitation crab leg flakes $2

Total: $10.32

Grand total: $75.53 YES!!!!!!

For more of the GCC shopping link please visit

Blessings, Beth Ann

Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 1/18 -1/24

Brrrrrrrr . . . "Baby it's cold outside . . ." Snowing off and on here, which is almost never heard of. It doesn't even stick though. All the kids had the day off any way for MLK day. So bummer, could have had a snow day :) The weather has been so cold and damp though, that I am worried about my mini doxin. He is partially paralyzed in the two back legs. It just seems like he is dragging them worse than usual. He is just like one of my kids, actually he was my baby before God surprisingly blessed me with the twins. I just hoover around him and ask if he is feeling better. No, he doesn't answer. But you get the picture. He has one of the twins old Pack and Plays that we keep to crate him in. We have taken to putting a space heater next to him and having it blow right in on him. He likes it! Course he is a mini red short haired doxin, so he is ALWAYS cold! He even has his own sweater wardrobe, as seen in photo at the right - LOL

Here is a look at what we are eating this week to keep warm:
Monday: Home made bean and bacon soup w/ pineapple corn muffins
Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan w/green beans and brown rice
Wednesday: Church bible study and dinner
Thursday: (faux) Crab quiche w/tossed salad
Friday: Buffalo chicken soup w/ bread machine rolls
Saturday: Home made pizza w/ veggie sticks and home made ranch dip
Sunday: Crock pot chicken and dumplings
What are you having this week to keep you warm? For more Menu plan Monday visit
Blessings, Beth Ann

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy B-day DH

Yesterday was my DH 41st. birthday, happy birthday honey! He had an awesome day even though he had to work. It took him like two weeks to make up his mind what he wanted to do, but once he made a decision, he was committed (or should have been - LOL). He decided that a trip to the Nashville RV EXPO would be fun. I concurred since we hadn't done anything or gone anywhere since our "incident" last October. So right after work we headed out, against the chilly temps - 34, brrrrrrr. Got there around 5:30 and the first task was parking. Found a great spot, new there had to be a catch. It was $18 for parking!!!!! DH put $20 in, no change back from the machine!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. Then we had to cross the street to the Convention Center, almost got hypothermia, but we made it!!!!!!! Big bonus was that all kids 12 and under were free, and we had 4 of those (dd had a friend). Second break came when son was only half price, usually they charge adult for him. Well we had a great time, and it wasn't to packed. Guess many folks aren't in the mood for camping in January. For almost 3 hours we looked at every camper, trailer, RV and fifth wheel imaginable. It was cool to see some in person that we had seen in our Trailer Life Magazine, like the new Shasta, the Tab and Tada oh and the new Outback Loft. The Loft is a two story affair with a real staircase going up to a look out Loft. Soooo cool. The kids were mostly good. I had been very anxious over the twins and keeping them out of trouble, but they had a blast! It was the old children who were crabby and whiny. They were tired, they were hungry, ect. So about 8:30 we set out for home or dinner, which ever came first. Already an hour past bedtime for the twins, they were still hanging in there. We decided to stop at the half way mark in M'boro for some Chinese, since DS said he was soooooo hungry he would die. When we got to the buffet place we discovered that if it is your birthday you received a free meal. There were a few other stipulations such as I.D. and at least 3 more paying adults, but we met them and scored a free meal for hubby! They also brought out a little cake and sang happy birthday to him. They even mad balloon animal's for the twins. We finely reached home around 11:00, which is past EVERYONE bedtime here - LOL. All in all a great day. Well, we were all sore though from 3 hours of walking and climbing up and down stairs and in and out of RV's! The only other notable thing was a little anxiety for me and DH at returning home. That is the first time we have left our home totally unoccupied for more than and hour since our robbery and it made us very nervous. When do you "get over" something like that?

Here is a look at life with hubby in review :)

Our wedding, April 12Th 2003

Here is my hunter/gatherer.
Taking a break while camping.

Father and son sharing a quiet moment

I took DH out to lunch on his birthday at his favorite Mexican place. They sang Happy birthday to him and put cake all over his face! He loved it - LOL
Happy birthday hubby, and many more!
Blessings, Beth Ann

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Today is my oldest son's birthday, his 16Th - YIKES! I am both proud and sad. I was walking around for the past week wondering what made me feel older, my grandson turning two (two days ago) or my "baby" turning sixteen. I figured it out, my baby turning sixteen. Even as I type this I get a knot in my stomach. It really does seem like only yesterday that he was fair haired, in one of those mushroom cuts, and soooo charming. He was always into something and smiling about it! On the other hand, the past couple months have been full of melodramatic teen angst as he is navigating puberty and learning that his charm won't get him everything and that Mom isn't as big of a push over as he thought. There is quit a few years between him and my oldest (eight), I had almost - almost - forgot what it was like living with a moody teen. I have one more right behind him, then another 8 year lull between that wonderful miracle call puberty. LOL Anyway, the good far out ways the aggravating and I am here to share how special he is. I am going to share a few pic's of him and his many sides.

Here he is while we are camping, I think the smile is because he swiped he sisters blanket and got away with it!

Here is the two birthday boys - DS and grandson.

Here he is with best friend, who moved to Mexico 4 years ago, but came for a visit this past summer.

Here are all four of my wonderful children, who still live at home. We are a close group, and he is very hands on with the twins.

And here he is having fun at the beach! LOL
Z is a great Young man who loves his family. Yes, he can cook, clean and change diapers - I KNOW! LOL He received almost straight A's on his last report card (yes I hand those out in home school). He still volunteers twice a week at the local animal clinic, and now that he is sixteen they can hire him when the next part time slot opens up. This is a real boon in his quest to become a veterinary doctor. He is also an avid reader and skateboarder (is that what you call those razors?). Am I laying this on too thick? NAW . . . I am the MOM, I was in labor for 12 hours with him and I can brag if I want too! LOL
Blessings, MOM

Bible Study

Just a quick bible study update. I took a poll and the results were just about split down the middle, half for it and half against it. So I have decided to not do an in depth study here on my blog. Probably not the best place for it anyway, unless I wanted to start a separate blog just for bible study. Then I run into time issues and spending more time on the computer that could be spent with my children and my home. So I think I will compromise with just weekly updates and insights. I will be finishing the book of Genesis on Jan. 17th. and starting the book of Exodus on Jan. 18th. Exodus is a fairly short book and will end on Jan. 31st. The first of Feb. will see us starting Leviticus. Hope this brief overview helps. Feel free to post a comment or email me with any questions, and stay with me for my usual brand of wacky happenings here at my homestead! Remember, "normal" is just a setting on the washing machine and mine might be broken :)
Blessings, Beth Ann

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GCC Shopping Cart Round up

Well the big day is here! I did my first week on $75 for 6 people, and was blown away by how it worked. Of course I spent four days working on the shopping list, like Einstein and the theory of relativity! I had a migraine, think he did too? Even went to the library to look at store flyer's on-line (my home puter can't download such big files - dial up) since I was driving into the "city" for an orthodontist appt. anyway. Figured I should take advantage of the Kroger sale. Anyway, all the prep was worth it, and am sure it will get easier as this becomes a habit. Matter fact I was at the library today and managed to figure out how to download Cellfire! But that is a tale and a shopping trip for next week.

This is what I bought on my big trip to the city: First top - Kroger's
Kellogg cereal special / buy 3 boxes at $2.67 each and receive $4 off at check out, making the cereal $1.50 a box
1.64lbs of grapes at $1.48lb. = $1.88
Cover girl loose face powder $3.74
Kroger brand 18ct. large eggs = $1.99
2lb. bag lemons = $1.99
1 cantaloupe = $1.88
Total -$17.74
Everything I bought was on sale and needed, I saved $11.53 with my Kroger card!
Next stop Wal-Mart
16oz. at free sour cream = $1.12
can black beans - $.58
16oz. salsa $1.44
29oz. can tomato sauce - $.82
16oz. whole wheat spaghetti - $1.28
13 gallon trash bags - $1.78
Total - $7.62
Last stop - Dollar Tree
28oz. bottle conditioner - $1
10ct white tortilla shells - $1
Box dishwasher detergent - $1
Total- $3.28

Came home, had some lunch and then did local shopping. First stop - Piggly Wiggly

1 green pepper - $.49, 2 cucumbers - $1, 1.31lb. ground beef - $1.95 and 28oz. dish soap $1 - Total = $4.74

Next stop Bi-Rite

16oz. blue bonnet light butter - $.99 and 3 pkgs. shredded cheese at $1.69 each. Total = $7.13

Last stop of the day was Dollar General Market (way better than a reg. $G)

1lb. bag carrots = $.75

2 pkgs. Jumbo Turkey franks $2

Romaine - $2

16oz. Pepperoni - $2

16oz. frozen green beans = $1

2 pkgs. frozen fries = $1.20

celery - $1

3ct paper towel - $1.25

120ct Kleenex - $1

hair spray - $1.25

100ct pain reliever - $2.75

2 cans tuna in water - $1.40

16oz. coffee - $2.50

15lb. bag dry dog food - $3.95

16x20 frame - $9

Total = 35.73

Grand total of all = $76.24

That is an overage of $1.26, but I had coinage to cover it! LOL I tell you I was living of the high all day! I know the frame sounds frivolous, but I had been looking for one for 6 months. This was the first time the store had one in that time and there were only two left. I felt blessed I had the money. I quickly took it home, printed out my dd wedding pictures from last Aug. and hung it! It looks fabulous and as she lives 800 miles away and I only see her once a year, I spent an entire day staring at it. Sigh.

Anyway, I am totally impressed that I was able to get that amount of produce and fruit. I felt proud with my purchases and like I had finely made "ends meet".

For more GCC visit

Blessings, Beth Ann

Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Another week, and a cool one here in middle TN. Last night I made the best crock pot full of potato soup I have ever made in my life! My DH said maybe I should also do a soup cook book, besides the fondue cook book. What do you think? A year in soup? LOL
Here is what our meals look like this week, our first full week on our new $75 a week budget. After taxes and paper/pet supplies I figured more like $45 a week for a family of 6, including 2 adults - 2 teens- 2 4 year old twins. Actually the shopping went great! I will share that tomorrow with a blog link to the Grocery Cart Challenge.
Monday - Chick pea and pepper curry on lentils (left from last night as I had potatoes to use up and made soup instead)
Tuesday - Shepherds pie w/tossed salad
Wednesday - Church bible study and dinner
Thursday - Chicken enchiladas w/ Spanish rice
Friday - Split pea soup with home made garlic bread sticks
Saturday - Out to eat/ DH and DS birthday celebration!
Sunday - Camping Chili with corn bread cakes
For more Menu Plan Monday head on over to
Whats for dinner at your house?
Blessings, Beth Ann

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Give away

Just a quick note, Erin over at the $5 dinners is having a great giveaway for an awesome tote , visit to see the entry. Check back often as she seems to always have something great to share!
Blessings, Beth Ann
P.S. Also check her out for quick and cheap dinners that are healthy too!

Fond - ue Memories

Whew! Been a long, busy week. But then again seems like they all are! LOL Today I made Chipped beef fondue for lunch, and everyone had a good time. Seems like when ever I pull out my fondue pot it's a party. The twins even enjoyed pretending they were camping and used the fondue sticks to "roast" their bread over the pot. LOL I bought this little electric fondue pot about 4 years ago, and have found many amazing uses for it, including frying my home made egg rolls.
My DH thinks I should start either a 365 days of fonduing blog or write a fonduing cook book. What do you thing?
Above: Twin dd is preparing to 'roast' her bread.
To the right, Twin ds is enjoying the "roasted due" - LOL
Happy fonduing!
Blessings, Beth Ann

Friday, January 09, 2009

Grocery Cart Recipe Challenge

Here is a recipe that is my middle DD favorite, Camping Chili, although it is good any time of the year! It is an old Weight Watchers recipe. It is quick, easy and cheap! I love to make this in the crock pot when we are camping.

Camping Chili

1 lb. ground turkey (may subsitute beef or TVP, both are equally good)
1 16oz. can kidney beans, drained
1 16oz. can black beans, drained
1 16oz. can northern beans, drained
16 oz. salsa
1 cup onions
2 tsp. chili powder
1 cup vegetable broth

In dutch oven brown meat and onion. Then add the remaining ingredients. Stir well and simmer until heated through. That simple!

Serves 8

For more frugal recipes visit

Blessings, Beth Ann

ww = 5 pts.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here we are, the first full week of a new year. The best day to implement our new budget, our new eating habits, our healthier choices and to dredge up our old hate of the dreaded scale! With that said, here is what we are eating at our house this week ~
Monday: Crock Pot Turkey drumsticks in a homemade enchilada sauce w/mashed potatoes and green beans.
Tuesday: Black beans and pork over rice w/ mixed vegetables
Wednesday: Church bible study/dinner resumes
Thursday: Scalloped Parmesan potatoes with turkey sausage bake w/corn
Friday: Crock pot cchicken noodle soup w/ home made bread
Saturday: Home made pizza w/salad
Sunday: Garbanzo and pepper curry on rice
That is a quick look at what we are doing for dinner this week. It will be hectic with many activities starting up again after the holidays. Thank goodness for my crock pots! For more menu plan Monday visit
What is for dinner at your house?
Blessings, Beth Ann
Home made Enchilada Sauce
3Tbs. oil
2Tbs. cornstarch
1/8 cup chili powder
2C chicken broth
1/2 cup tomato sauce
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp.oregano
2 tsp. sugar
cayenne, to taste if you want more spice
Heat oil with cornstarch in saucepan over medium heat. Cook 1 minute. Add chili powder and cook for another minute. Gradually stir in broth, mixing well with a whisk to make sure you get out the lumps. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Simmer on low until thickened.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bible study day 4

Today's chapters are Genesis 12 - 15
Notes: Chapter 12 - The story of Abram. When God called him, Abram moved out in faith from Ur to Haran and finally to Canaan. I have had a similar experience with being called from my home of birth and moving out in faith. I look back and am amazed at the amount of faith reacquired to do what I did, for I also had children counting on me. God's timing is always right and always perfect.
Chapter 13 - Abram and Lot. Life is a series of choices, We, too, can choose the best while ignoring the needs and feelings of others. But this kind of choice, as Lot's life show, leads to problems. When we stop making choices in God's direction, all that is left is to make choices in the wrong direction.
Chapter 14 - Abram rescues Lot. When Abram learned that Lot was a captive he immediately tried to rescue his nephew. It is easier and safer not to become involved. But with Lot in serious trouble, Abram acted at once. Sometimes we must get involved in a messy or painful situation in order to help others. We should be willing to act immediately when others need our help.
Chapter 15 - God promises a son to Abram. Although Abram had been demonstrating his faith through his actions, it was his belief in the Lord, not his actions , that made Abram right with God. We, too, can have a right relationship with God by trusting him. Our outward actions - church attendance, prayer, good deeds - will not by themselves make us right with God. A right relationship is based on faith - the heartfelt inner confidence that God is who he says he is and does what he says he will do. right actions will follow naturally as by-products.
Blessings, Beth Ann
Tomorrow Genesis 16 - 18

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bible Study

Day 3 ~ Genesis 8-11
Notes: Chapter 8 - The flood recedes. Countless times throughout the Bible we see God showing his love and patience toward men and women in order to save them. Although he realise that their hearts are evil, he continues to try to reach them. When we sin we fall away from God, we surely deserve to be destroyed by his judgment. But God has promised never again to destroy everything on earth until the judgment day when Christ returns to destroy evil forever, Now every change of season is a reminder of his promise.
Chapter 9 ~ Repopulating the earth.
Chapter 10~ Descendants of Noah.
Chapter 11 ~ The tower of Babel. The tower of Babel was a great human achievement, a wonder of the world, But it was a monument to the people themselves rather than to God. We may build monuments to ourselves (expensive clothes, big houses, fancy car, important job) to call attention to our achievements. These may not be wrong in themselves, but when we use them to give us identity and self - worth they take God's place in our lives.
I find myself asking this question frequently these days as I pray, "Is what I am asking for to glorify myself or God?". Can't tell you how many times the answer has made decisions more simple for me, and sometimes even easier to let certain dreams/desires go.
Blessings, Beth Ann
Tomorrow ~ Genesis 12 - 15

Friday, January 02, 2009

Funny Kids

Since "school" is still on a break until Monday (wondered why she was posting all the time - LOL), thought I would continue to try and catch up on stuff I wanted to share. Here are some cute things the kids did/said over the past couple weeks.

My twin son with OCD, I have mentioned him a few times. The older he gets the more we can see we have issues with it and him. I have calculated that over the past 28 days he has broken 11 ornaments. Should have seen how dilapidated that poor tree looked when we took it down yesterday! He was constantly rearranging that tree. The only way to stop him was to put up a 8ft. fence of never be more than 2 inches from the boy at all times! Oh, and apparently it is all my fault. Little boy in question here told me after breaking an irreplaceable ornament that it was my fault because he was trying to help me. He had to fix the tree, a.k.a. put all matching ornaments together. If I had done the tree right the first time, this wouldn't be an issue. I have already made a notation in my day planner for next December, all Christmas ornaments will be made out of bubble wrap! Oh, and yes we do watch him. We kept the "good" ornaments at the top, but he learned he could reach those by climbing onto the back of the chair, getting on the window ledge and swinging on the drapes! Guess I shouldn't go to the bathroom and expect the older kids to be able to see more than 1 foot in front of them. When will I learn?

Ok, so twin son now has ornaments on his brain. I received an ornate, jewel embellished pair of hoop earrings for Christmas. I was wearing them proudly when twin son climbs onto my lap. He points to earring and said, 'what pretty ornament in your right ear mommy!" And he IS actually pointing at my right ear! Before I can laugh it off and say he got lucky he said, "oh and you have one in your left ear too!" WOW So, not only do my new earrings look like Christmas tree ornaments (I am sure this is a good thing), but the kid knows his right from his left at age 4 with no help from me. His own father isn't sure about these directions! LOL

Twin dd, she is very articulate and precocious for her age. A couple weeks ago I was in my room making the bed when she walks in and starts looking through my things (all the kids do, my teenage ds is the worst) and notices her baby book on a shelf. She wants to look at it, so I sit with her and page through it. There are many, many sonogram pictures due to the high risk pregnancy I had with the twins and she was fascinated with them. She asked what they were and I explained that they were pictures of her in my tummy before she was born. She got a horrified expression on her face and almost cried as she said, "Please mommy, don't eat me with a spoon again!" LOL LOL LOL See, I have this expression I use when she does something cute. I say, "your so cute I could eat you with a spoon!". LOL LOL Soooooooo, guess she figured I had already done it once! Makes sense to me. And few things do.

Blessings, Beth Ann

Bible study

Yesterday was day one in my read the bible in a year. I have decided to post the verses I am reading and a brief , 'what I learned' lesson note. If this isn't your cup of tea just skip over the post's labeled bible study, but I would love to have you join me and share your input as well. I am reading from the Life Application Study Bible.
Day one (1/1) Genesis 1-3
Notes: Chapter one deals w/creation. A hot button topic for sure and one of my favorite to learn about. Some scientists say that the number of stars in creation is equal to all the grains of all the sands on all the beaches of the world. Yet this complex sea of spinning stars functions with remarkable order and efficiency. To say that the universe "just happened" or "evolved" requires more faith than to believe that God is behind these amazing statistics. God truly did create a wonderful universe.
God did not NEED to create the universe, he CHOSE to create it. Why? God is love, and love is best expressed toward something or someone else - - so God created the world and people as an expression of his love. We should avoid reducing God's creation to merely scientific terms. Remember that God created the universe because he loves each of us.
Chapters 2 & 3 deal with the story of Adam, Eve and sin. So in a nutshell, free will. God gave Adam and Eve a choice and thus the possibility of choosing wrongly. God still gives us choices and we too often choose wrongly. These wrong choices may cause us pain, but they can help us learn and grow and make better choices in the future. Living with the consequences of our choices teaches us to think and choose more carefully.
Day two (1/2) Genesis 4 - 7
Notes: Chapter four tells the story of Cain and Abel. Many lessons to be learned here,but the one I took away from this a couple years ago (when I first read through Genesis) believe it or not settled my mind on if I personally defended the death penalty. I feel that Genesis 4 is clearly telling us that because God created life, only God should take life away. Period, end of story.
Chapter 5 is Adam's descendants. What can I say, they lived along time! Another hot button topic, why? Many theories on this I believe for two main reasons, the human race was more genetically pure in this early time period, so there was less disease to shorten life spans and God gave people longer lives so they could have more time to fulfill their goals to glorify God.
Chapter 6 is the story of Noah. OK, we all know it. But does this mean God regretted creating humanity? No. God does not change his mind (1 Samuel 15:29). Instead he was expressing sorrow for what the people had done to themselves, as a parent might express sorrow over a rebellious child. Amen, I had one of those and I can relate!
Chapter 7 is the story of the flood. What I take away from this is, Often we do just the opposite of Noah. We worry about details over which we have no control, while neglecting specific areas( such as attitudes, relationships, responsibilities) that ARE under our control. Like Noah, concentrate on what God has given you to do, and leave the rest to God.
Tomorrow, day 3 (1/3) Genesis 8 - 11
Blessings, Beth Ann

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ying and Yang

So ok, maybe Ebony and Ivory? LOL Our cats Joe (black) and Tina (short for Runt) And yes, Joe is really that much bigger than Tina. Joe is a year old and Tina is 3 months. They are buddies!

Blessings, Beth Ann

My New Year

Happy New Year's ya'll! Since it is a new year, I decided to revamp my blog and blog background - Hope you like it! Also because it is a new year, it is traditionally a time to make resolutions if you will. I prefer to think of it as a new attempt at old goals. Since I am a traditional girl at heart (see blacked eyed pea's cooking on stove as we speak), I thought I would share a few of the goals me and my family have in store for us.

Financial - We are tightening our belt even further this year. My DH short stint at Wal-Mart is over, so back to one pay check again. I have gone from about$600 a month on food/paper to $450 now I am going to figure out how to make $75 a week work for us. I believe this will be good for us on sooo many levels: We will have to give up eating out except on "truly" special occasions, give up soda and sweets. Eat mostly fresh whole food, no pre packaged food. This will help with our health issues and waist lines. It will also help us to achieve our goals, healthy bodies, living with in our means, setting good examples for our kids and being able to take our big trip to Alaska with no regrets or financial burdens.

Health - Like I mentioned above, eating healthier. I will cut out snacks and night time eating (hope Sonic doesn't go out of business because of us). Since we can't afford soda, will be much easier to get water in. I am also going to try to make it over to the walking track they put in a couple blocks from my house, 3 times a week and take kids with me - keep us moving!

Personal - Take more pride in ME! (ditch the sweats and ponytail that persecutes so many SAHM) Watch out Cover Girl and Revlon - Here I COME - LOL Once again, see above about health issues, would love to get off my b/p meds. I am also going to read the bible in a year. This one always gets derailed since I do bible study with all my kids during home school and I do bible study with the ladies at my church. So, am doing this for me!

As I reflect on the up coming year I only see positive things. My children our getting older and thus not as needy of my time, so I don't have to feel guilty taking time for me once in a while. I am looking forward to being more active in outside activities such as book club and gardening (if I can get my meds fixed so that I won't stroke out in the sun), and even using our pool more. And the big one is . . . despite what happened to us last year, camping - camping - camping! I will let go of the negativity the event left behind, grow new butterfly wings and spread them wide! I am only 40 and will stop living like I am 60. I have been taking care of children in my life for almost 22 years, I will start to reap the rewards.

My family and I are dedicating the year 2009 to being more disciplined and living a life we will be glad to give to GOD.

Blessings, Beth Ann