Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grocery Cart Challange shopping Link

There wasn't as many good deals this week, but it was my first week using Cellfire coupons and printing them off at home as well. Used them at Kroger and it went well. I will be doing more on-line coupon printing for sure! Here is how my trip went for feeding 6 on $75 for a week.

This is my booty from my first trip, a.k.a. "into the city".

First stop was Kroger's:
2-10 oz. bag tortilla chips @ $1 each/$2
can tuna $.68
Cheerios's $2.67
cellfire coupon for Cheerios's $.75-
manufacture coupon for Cheerios's $.75- (so Cheerios's ended up costing $1.17)
Marked down cubed ham (for pizza and omelets) $1.49
2- hard salami lunch meat @$1.79 each/$3.58
Tuna helper $1
1.82lbs. green grapes @$1.28lb./$2.33
3- marked down fresh sausage patty 6ct. pkg. @$1.29/$3.87
6ct. pkg. Top Ramon noodles $.99
1 - Banquet heat and serve sausage links @$1 each/$2

Total: $22.21

Next stop is the UGO or United Grocery Outlet
Head of Romaine Lettuce $1
Box cereal $1.65
32oz. jar pickles $1.69

Total: $4.77
If you drink soda, this was a good deal. We like Pepsi, but I won't buy it with my grocery money. UGO had these 16 oz. cans in a 12 pk. for $2.50, see how tall the can is? DH ponyed up the money to get two of these.

We rounded out our trip into the city by stopping into Wal=Mart

2- gallons of milk @$3.14 each/$$6.26
cake mix $.88
frosting $1.26
2ct. frozen pie shell $1.52
15lb. cat litter $2.78
29 oz. tomato sauce $.82
2lb. brown rice $1.58
20 oz. crushed pineapple $.98
70ct. bendy straws $1.50
100ct. 3 oz. bathroom cup $1.56
gallon of ice cream $3.97
bacon pieces for salads $1.50
3- jiffy corn muffin mix @ $.36 each/$1.08
60ct. fish oil pills $.47

Total: $31.73

This is the loot from my second trip, the local stores here in town.


32 oz. margarine $1.3

2- 2c. bags shredded cheddar @$1.69 each/$3.38

2c. bag shredded mozzarella cheese $1.69

Total: $6.50

Dollar General Market

Hot dog buns $.95

4ct. angel soft t.p. $1.25

8 oz. Lawry's season salt $1.65

4lb. sugar $1.75

2- Turkey dogs @$1 each/$2

16 oz. imitation crab leg flakes $2

Total: $10.32

Grand total: $75.53 YES!!!!!!

For more of the GCC shopping link please visit www.grocerycartchallenge.blogspot.com

Blessings, Beth Ann

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