Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Today is my oldest son's birthday, his 16Th - YIKES! I am both proud and sad. I was walking around for the past week wondering what made me feel older, my grandson turning two (two days ago) or my "baby" turning sixteen. I figured it out, my baby turning sixteen. Even as I type this I get a knot in my stomach. It really does seem like only yesterday that he was fair haired, in one of those mushroom cuts, and soooo charming. He was always into something and smiling about it! On the other hand, the past couple months have been full of melodramatic teen angst as he is navigating puberty and learning that his charm won't get him everything and that Mom isn't as big of a push over as he thought. There is quit a few years between him and my oldest (eight), I had almost - almost - forgot what it was like living with a moody teen. I have one more right behind him, then another 8 year lull between that wonderful miracle call puberty. LOL Anyway, the good far out ways the aggravating and I am here to share how special he is. I am going to share a few pic's of him and his many sides.

Here he is while we are camping, I think the smile is because he swiped he sisters blanket and got away with it!

Here is the two birthday boys - DS and grandson.

Here he is with best friend, who moved to Mexico 4 years ago, but came for a visit this past summer.

Here are all four of my wonderful children, who still live at home. We are a close group, and he is very hands on with the twins.

And here he is having fun at the beach! LOL
Z is a great Young man who loves his family. Yes, he can cook, clean and change diapers - I KNOW! LOL He received almost straight A's on his last report card (yes I hand those out in home school). He still volunteers twice a week at the local animal clinic, and now that he is sixteen they can hire him when the next part time slot opens up. This is a real boon in his quest to become a veterinary doctor. He is also an avid reader and skateboarder (is that what you call those razors?). Am I laying this on too thick? NAW . . . I am the MOM, I was in labor for 12 hours with him and I can brag if I want too! LOL
Blessings, MOM

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ikeepmoving said...

What a wonderful tribute to your son! Happy birthday!!