Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GCC Shopping Cart Round up

Well the big day is here! I did my first week on $75 for 6 people, and was blown away by how it worked. Of course I spent four days working on the shopping list, like Einstein and the theory of relativity! I had a migraine, think he did too? Even went to the library to look at store flyer's on-line (my home puter can't download such big files - dial up) since I was driving into the "city" for an orthodontist appt. anyway. Figured I should take advantage of the Kroger sale. Anyway, all the prep was worth it, and am sure it will get easier as this becomes a habit. Matter fact I was at the library today and managed to figure out how to download Cellfire! But that is a tale and a shopping trip for next week.

This is what I bought on my big trip to the city: First top - Kroger's
Kellogg cereal special / buy 3 boxes at $2.67 each and receive $4 off at check out, making the cereal $1.50 a box
1.64lbs of grapes at $1.48lb. = $1.88
Cover girl loose face powder $3.74
Kroger brand 18ct. large eggs = $1.99
2lb. bag lemons = $1.99
1 cantaloupe = $1.88
Total -$17.74
Everything I bought was on sale and needed, I saved $11.53 with my Kroger card!
Next stop Wal-Mart
16oz. at free sour cream = $1.12
can black beans - $.58
16oz. salsa $1.44
29oz. can tomato sauce - $.82
16oz. whole wheat spaghetti - $1.28
13 gallon trash bags - $1.78
Total - $7.62
Last stop - Dollar Tree
28oz. bottle conditioner - $1
10ct white tortilla shells - $1
Box dishwasher detergent - $1
Total- $3.28

Came home, had some lunch and then did local shopping. First stop - Piggly Wiggly

1 green pepper - $.49, 2 cucumbers - $1, 1.31lb. ground beef - $1.95 and 28oz. dish soap $1 - Total = $4.74

Next stop Bi-Rite

16oz. blue bonnet light butter - $.99 and 3 pkgs. shredded cheese at $1.69 each. Total = $7.13

Last stop of the day was Dollar General Market (way better than a reg. $G)

1lb. bag carrots = $.75

2 pkgs. Jumbo Turkey franks $2

Romaine - $2

16oz. Pepperoni - $2

16oz. frozen green beans = $1

2 pkgs. frozen fries = $1.20

celery - $1

3ct paper towel - $1.25

120ct Kleenex - $1

hair spray - $1.25

100ct pain reliever - $2.75

2 cans tuna in water - $1.40

16oz. coffee - $2.50

15lb. bag dry dog food - $3.95

16x20 frame - $9

Total = 35.73

Grand total of all = $76.24

That is an overage of $1.26, but I had coinage to cover it! LOL I tell you I was living of the high all day! I know the frame sounds frivolous, but I had been looking for one for 6 months. This was the first time the store had one in that time and there were only two left. I felt blessed I had the money. I quickly took it home, printed out my dd wedding pictures from last Aug. and hung it! It looks fabulous and as she lives 800 miles away and I only see her once a year, I spent an entire day staring at it. Sigh.

Anyway, I am totally impressed that I was able to get that amount of produce and fruit. I felt proud with my purchases and like I had finely made "ends meet".

For more GCC visit www.grocerycartchallenge.blogspot.com

Blessings, Beth Ann

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