Friday, January 02, 2009

Funny Kids

Since "school" is still on a break until Monday (wondered why she was posting all the time - LOL), thought I would continue to try and catch up on stuff I wanted to share. Here are some cute things the kids did/said over the past couple weeks.

My twin son with OCD, I have mentioned him a few times. The older he gets the more we can see we have issues with it and him. I have calculated that over the past 28 days he has broken 11 ornaments. Should have seen how dilapidated that poor tree looked when we took it down yesterday! He was constantly rearranging that tree. The only way to stop him was to put up a 8ft. fence of never be more than 2 inches from the boy at all times! Oh, and apparently it is all my fault. Little boy in question here told me after breaking an irreplaceable ornament that it was my fault because he was trying to help me. He had to fix the tree, a.k.a. put all matching ornaments together. If I had done the tree right the first time, this wouldn't be an issue. I have already made a notation in my day planner for next December, all Christmas ornaments will be made out of bubble wrap! Oh, and yes we do watch him. We kept the "good" ornaments at the top, but he learned he could reach those by climbing onto the back of the chair, getting on the window ledge and swinging on the drapes! Guess I shouldn't go to the bathroom and expect the older kids to be able to see more than 1 foot in front of them. When will I learn?

Ok, so twin son now has ornaments on his brain. I received an ornate, jewel embellished pair of hoop earrings for Christmas. I was wearing them proudly when twin son climbs onto my lap. He points to earring and said, 'what pretty ornament in your right ear mommy!" And he IS actually pointing at my right ear! Before I can laugh it off and say he got lucky he said, "oh and you have one in your left ear too!" WOW So, not only do my new earrings look like Christmas tree ornaments (I am sure this is a good thing), but the kid knows his right from his left at age 4 with no help from me. His own father isn't sure about these directions! LOL

Twin dd, she is very articulate and precocious for her age. A couple weeks ago I was in my room making the bed when she walks in and starts looking through my things (all the kids do, my teenage ds is the worst) and notices her baby book on a shelf. She wants to look at it, so I sit with her and page through it. There are many, many sonogram pictures due to the high risk pregnancy I had with the twins and she was fascinated with them. She asked what they were and I explained that they were pictures of her in my tummy before she was born. She got a horrified expression on her face and almost cried as she said, "Please mommy, don't eat me with a spoon again!" LOL LOL LOL See, I have this expression I use when she does something cute. I say, "your so cute I could eat you with a spoon!". LOL LOL Soooooooo, guess she figured I had already done it once! Makes sense to me. And few things do.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Sherry said...

LOL! Cute things they say. :D