Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy B-day DH

Yesterday was my DH 41st. birthday, happy birthday honey! He had an awesome day even though he had to work. It took him like two weeks to make up his mind what he wanted to do, but once he made a decision, he was committed (or should have been - LOL). He decided that a trip to the Nashville RV EXPO would be fun. I concurred since we hadn't done anything or gone anywhere since our "incident" last October. So right after work we headed out, against the chilly temps - 34, brrrrrrr. Got there around 5:30 and the first task was parking. Found a great spot, new there had to be a catch. It was $18 for parking!!!!! DH put $20 in, no change back from the machine!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. Then we had to cross the street to the Convention Center, almost got hypothermia, but we made it!!!!!!! Big bonus was that all kids 12 and under were free, and we had 4 of those (dd had a friend). Second break came when son was only half price, usually they charge adult for him. Well we had a great time, and it wasn't to packed. Guess many folks aren't in the mood for camping in January. For almost 3 hours we looked at every camper, trailer, RV and fifth wheel imaginable. It was cool to see some in person that we had seen in our Trailer Life Magazine, like the new Shasta, the Tab and Tada oh and the new Outback Loft. The Loft is a two story affair with a real staircase going up to a look out Loft. Soooo cool. The kids were mostly good. I had been very anxious over the twins and keeping them out of trouble, but they had a blast! It was the old children who were crabby and whiny. They were tired, they were hungry, ect. So about 8:30 we set out for home or dinner, which ever came first. Already an hour past bedtime for the twins, they were still hanging in there. We decided to stop at the half way mark in M'boro for some Chinese, since DS said he was soooooo hungry he would die. When we got to the buffet place we discovered that if it is your birthday you received a free meal. There were a few other stipulations such as I.D. and at least 3 more paying adults, but we met them and scored a free meal for hubby! They also brought out a little cake and sang happy birthday to him. They even mad balloon animal's for the twins. We finely reached home around 11:00, which is past EVERYONE bedtime here - LOL. All in all a great day. Well, we were all sore though from 3 hours of walking and climbing up and down stairs and in and out of RV's! The only other notable thing was a little anxiety for me and DH at returning home. That is the first time we have left our home totally unoccupied for more than and hour since our robbery and it made us very nervous. When do you "get over" something like that?

Here is a look at life with hubby in review :)

Our wedding, April 12Th 2003

Here is my hunter/gatherer.
Taking a break while camping.

Father and son sharing a quiet moment

I took DH out to lunch on his birthday at his favorite Mexican place. They sang Happy birthday to him and put cake all over his face! He loved it - LOL
Happy birthday hubby, and many more!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! We,Lisa, Billy and I were right beside y'all at the resturant. Glad we could share in the party. Glenda