Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Another week, and a cool one here in middle TN. Last night I made the best crock pot full of potato soup I have ever made in my life! My DH said maybe I should also do a soup cook book, besides the fondue cook book. What do you think? A year in soup? LOL
Here is what our meals look like this week, our first full week on our new $75 a week budget. After taxes and paper/pet supplies I figured more like $45 a week for a family of 6, including 2 adults - 2 teens- 2 4 year old twins. Actually the shopping went great! I will share that tomorrow with a blog link to the Grocery Cart Challenge.
Monday - Chick pea and pepper curry on lentils (left from last night as I had potatoes to use up and made soup instead)
Tuesday - Shepherds pie w/tossed salad
Wednesday - Church bible study and dinner
Thursday - Chicken enchiladas w/ Spanish rice
Friday - Split pea soup with home made garlic bread sticks
Saturday - Out to eat/ DH and DS birthday celebration!
Sunday - Camping Chili with corn bread cakes
For more Menu Plan Monday head on over to
Whats for dinner at your house?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Janelle said...

Sounds great! I made split pea soup last week and it hardly cost anything at all. Gotta love meals like that - filling but so very cheap! :)