Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday

My oldest turns 24 today! Yikes!!! Not much more that I can say about that. I could sit here and reminisce over what a rotten little brat she was - no joking, she had "issues". But we made it through it all, together, and are both stronger for it. I wouldn't be the mom I am today for my other children if it weren't for her. And I am already reaping the rewards of hearing, "now I know how you must have felt", as she takes care of my first grand baby. LOL That sounds soooo sweet.

Oldest dd w/my grand son Jack-Jack (as we call him) or Jack -Jack attack if you have seen the animated movie The Incredibles.

The picture was taken about 14 months ago when they came down to visit and we went to the aquarium in Chattanooga. Like I mentioned in my last blog, we are heading up there in 11 days. Two weeks from today she is getting married!!! We really didn't think we could make it, but through the grace of God we are going! She found out today and called me while I was shopping at Kroger's (the good one on HWY 96). Do you know how hard it is to pick out pablano peppers while someone is shrieking in your ear on your cell? LOL It was a good shrieking though. It is so cool she found out to day. I had mailed her RSVP on Monday as a surprise, but she didn't check her mail. Silly girl. She found out by going to her friends house and checking my blog real quick to see if I remembered her birthday! ROFL What a REALLY silly girl. If you have ever met K you will never forget her. Anyway, she was half way through my last blog with tears in her eyes when she had to call me, awe.

Any reservations we might have had on if we were doing the right thing or hearing God right, disappeared after hammering out the final details with my dd. This is coming together so smoothly at the last minute that it can only be Divine interference. It also reminds us of how we came to move to middle TN. in the first place. Once the decision was made it all happened in two months time, just 60 quick days. No problems and many mind bending occurrences. DH getting cash for his property with in two weeks of putting it on market, DH being able to transfer both his jobs down here, me getting a job while checking out our new home on-line. The list goes on and on. Once God speaks you must be ready to move!

Happy Birthday Krissy - tina! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!! XOXOXO See you in 11 days!

Blessings, Beth Ann (MOM)

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Anonymous said...

SO exciting! What a great testament of God's provision. Have a GREAT trip... and please post photos from the wedding when you return!!!!!!!!!!! :)