Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Works for me Wed. ~ Carrots!

As I was blogging yesterdays Gratituesday, it occurred to me I had an idea for today. I was so excited, which I know sounds silly, but I can't always think of anything new and exciting I do. So you see, I seldom post on Works for me Wednesday. Anyway, here is my big idea - carrots! I buy the big 25lb. bag from Publix for $14.99, which is a heck of a deal since the 5lb. bag goes for $5.99 here in middle TN. It is the big bag for juicing, but we don't juice. The bag lasts me about 4 weeks now, used to be 6 before we got our rescue Guinea Pig. I use them in everything! If the kids want a snack right before dinner, bam! Here's a carrot! LOL I make a ton of veggie trays, especially in the summer with our garden produce. I make my son Z favorite, honey glazed carrots. I shred them into salads and slaws, I pickle them, the pig eats them . . . you get the picture. So for about $3.75 a week I get a ton of options and the kids are happy, the animals are happy and I am happy feeding my kids something so healthy!
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Blessings, Beth Ann

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