Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We are still here : )

Once again I am not blogging as much as I used too, but on this rainy, stormy day I thought I would share some odds and ends with you.  As a family not much per say is happening here.  Two weeks from today we will go on our first camping trip of the summer : )  But hubby still needs to do the breaks on the RV and put on a new front wheel.  That however will have to take a back seat to fixing our Durango.  A week a go today it quit running, needs a new fuel pump.  Well he got one Sunday, but since then it has been raining, and I don't mean a little!  I am praying to have it up and running by Friday, shopping day.  Then we will take care of the RV.

Other than that, a little over three weeks to son's graduation celebration.  He deserves a party, he has been working 45+ hours a week.  Speaking of a celebration, Easter was pretty darn awesome here.  The weather was magnificent and the fellowship uncomparable.  We ended up with about 15 people here.  There were two dissapointments, one being a friend couldn't make it due to a toe infection, and the other being our . . . neighbors.  We have had a few run in's with these folks before, but nothing like on Easter Sunday.  They have twin 10 year old boys, who were behaving inapropriatly with their body parts twoards all the teen-age girls at my house.  When one of the girls mothers went to talk the boys mother, lets just say the apple doesn't fall from the tree and I thought the Navy was in town.  I will try to cut the family a little slack though, as the mother had run over their own dog the day before and had another Navy type melt down then too.  Unfortunatly that happened right in front of my mail box, while all the neighbor childern were in my yard running through the sprinkler.  So lets keep that private well drilling, illeagle chicken keeping, family in our prayers.

Well it is tornado season again in middle TN.  Our town is in a 'hallor, and is protected by Short Mt.  It is scary though when it's raining cats and dogs (we don't need any more), and hearing all the warnings around us.  But we have lived here nine years now, our house is over 60 years old and still standing! I am begining to be a real trooper, I don't even run to the basement anymore.  Heck, I didn't even get out of bed this morning - LOL 

Here are some random pictures to help pass the time, and show you the animals around our house.
This is Chester, aka Pester, our newest cat.  He is taking a nap in the new fuzzy blue recliner/rocker, and stretching.

How far can he stretch?

Looks like pretty far!  LOL

This is Waylon, the only puppy we have left from the nine Z rescued last Fathers day.  His girl friend keeps saying she is taking him, her dad keeps disagreeing.  No, he is not suppose to be on the deck table.  Guess he is just trying to get to higher ground with all this rain, notice the mud in our yard behind him.

This is Tina.  Tina is sleeping on our corn hole game, which we can't use due to the rain.  The corn hole game is on out air conditioner for the dinning room, which we can't use because hubby won't put it in yet - LOL

And this is E, missing teeth and all, showing you the art project she did in school today.  Her big sister B is her art teacher : )  Lots of cutting and pasting today.  Come on, admit it, you miss cutting and pasting too!

OK, it is still raining, the children are running and screaming, and I don't have any gopher wood.  Sigh, I still feel blessed.  Beth Ann

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