Friday, February 23, 2007

Jack - Jack attack !!!

Here it is, finely, a photo of my grandson Jack. Sorry it took so long for me to get an uploaded photo, but it was worth the wait right? LOL In this pic he is a month old and about 9lbs. Both him and his mom are doing well and thriving. I believe she is enjoying motherhood more them she thought she would. After my trip up there I have few worries, she is a great mom! That is Jack's great grandma holding him in the photo. Makes me a little sad, wish I was there to hold him all the time. But we all have our paths to walk and sometimes they are different then the rest of our loved ones. I am looking forword to his visit this summer, and know the times going to fly.

Speaking of flying, my older kids came home two days ago! Got many big hugs from them. Guess it's true, absences does make the heart grow fonder. Or at least makes you aprieciate your mom more when with grandma and grandpa for a week! LOL I know they had a wonderful time, they talk alot about Hoover Dam and Mt. Charleston, but I also hear alot about how they had to follow grandpa and grandma's rules and how they told the kids we do things the wrong way. Big sigh. At first I was hurt by this, but after praying and talking to my husband I am getting a better grasp of this. I am learning this is typical of most parental relationships. I also already knew they didn't agree with our home schooling among other things. In a nut shell they think we are nice but miss guided. I have to remind myself daily that the road to God is narrow and less traveled. Jesus told the us to expect ridicule and persacution for our obdiece to Him. I just finished reading an excellent book by Jerry B. Jenkins on this very subject, so that was excellent timing. I had the book since last Oct. but just started reading it last week. God's time. My montra is becoming, "the majority oppinion is not necessarily God's". I still firmly believe my choices and way of life are what God wants for my family. Now I need to learn how to convey this in a christian way to others so that I may lead by example.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Jack is a cutie pie!