Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween visited and Turkeys bought

Today I bought my Thanksgiving turkey - whoot, whoot!  LOL  The holidays are in full swing now baby.  I found a great price at the local Piggly Wiggly, 89 cents a pound.   I also found some other great sale items there and at the other local Bi-Rite store.  Buying marked down seems to be about the only way I can stay on budget anymore.  Seems like even processed and packaged food is now costing the same if not more than fresh.  So I try to grab the marked down burger vs. the packaged burritos for lunches.  I feel so blessed that not only am I home to cook for my family I also know what to do with raw ingredients : )

Enough about money and budgeting.  Here are a few Halloween pic's to share.

This is a car load of hippies that followed me over to my friend's house - LOL   No really it is Bre with her friends

You all have heard me talk of the kids I watched before they moved back to Mexico, well I was blessed to have the oldest come visit me during Halloween.  Little Gabe, such a joker - LOL

Me and a few friends handed out candy here in town, where they close the roads for a huge block party.  This is the third year I have done it and seeing all those cute kids makes up for the run over feeling I have afterwords : )  We get about  1200 kids , yeah, I know!

It was another amazing October, my favorite month and now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving; already have a dozen folks lined up here to join me!  We are soooooo blessed!

Blessings, Beth

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