Monday, November 14, 2011

Prayer and listening

I know some of you are going to think this is about a dog, but I hope most of you don't.  I want to share with you another faith moment, and they always seem to happen about the time I say "I didn't see that coming"; LOL.  let me start by saying that for the past eight years or so I have wanted to have my own store, be my own boss, but it has NEVER been blessed by God.  At one point while praying on it I even heard God ask me, "for who's glory would it be?".    Now if you asked me if I liked kids or animals I would shrug and say, eh so-so.  Those of you who know me well will find that hysterical as I always seem to have a house full of both and only half are mine.  No matter how I run or how I make choices to the contrary, I always end up with what I will call rescue kids and animals.  I am starting to see a pattern here : )  I believe this goes with 'God's plans for me'.  I am very good at it, and I have embraced being a Proverbs 31 women, to the max!  Well once again it hit me, I needed to do something, but what?  For some reason I started combing 'Craigslist', not sure what I was looking for.  Then I had narrowed it down to the 'pet' listings, and let me tell you I was appalled at what I found.  I had never even heard of 'dog flipping' before.  It makes me sick that so many people are trying to make a buck on 'rehoming' their 'friend'.  Then I started hanging around a dachshund rescue site, I love doxies!  I thought maybe I could foster, rescue or even volunteer there.  They too wanted money, even to volunteer!  Meanwhile I kept praying, talking to my hubby and looking to see what I could do.  Well as of yesterday it all seemed to fall into place, even our church service seemed to touch on my issue of leading by example and being a blessing to others.  I took a deep breath and posted on 'Craigslist' that I would do local doxin rescue but would not pay anyone to help their animal.  Afew folks emailed but they weren't getting it either, they wanted cute puppies.  I want to help local doxies, doesn't matter age, sex handicapped or not. Well I happened across an add for free doxie in neighboring city.  I had seen the add a couple days before, but was out of town.  I took a deep breath for courage and called.  On the end of the other phone was a very overwhelmed woman who needed my help.  By the end of the call I found out that I knew her daughter who lived here locally by me, and had even helped her with a pet before!  By the end of the evening I had taken in a very sweet new friend, found a home for my son's ferrets and had invited another 'rescue' kid and her sister to church with me.  When I went to bed I lay there stunned.  It hit me, maybe this wasn't so much about the dogs or even me, maybe God had used me and my skill with animals and children to help two families.  Wow. I still believe that God has commanded my family to have a pet ministry, but I also have to see the bigger picture.  There are real people on the other end of those leashes and maybe I can help them too!

Here is our new friend Smokey, even though his papers list him as Sir Scooter.

Smokey looking at my hubby.

Smokey keeping dd company as she does school work.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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