Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Angles Aware

Last Sunday was the third Sunday of Advent.  The candle of Joy was lit and it also brought forth the children and their Christmas Pageant.  This year we are attending First Baptist and so the children joined in, with much preparation and enthusiasm.  It was a glorious day and my oldest son with his girlfriend were able to attend.  The twins faces lit up upon seeing their big bro : )    Please allow me a couple of minutes to brag on my children and the fine church that has greeted us with open arms and no questions asked.  Here are the highlights:

They have done this before : )  I love the fact that this church is soooo organized!  Look up in the upper left hand corner, and how they are hanging the stars in Heaven, how cleaver!  I also like the simplicity of the stairway to Heaven and the colored lighted curtain, which will turn red when Moses appears.  There was also a fog machine for the angles : )

Here we are with the ten commandments.

Here is my little angle, Elysha, down front with her new glasses and wings : )

Group shot on the stairway to Heaven.

Check out Elijah's big grin and wings!

These children started practicing over six months ago.  They were so enthusiastic and eager to please.  So simple.  Such a blessing to us adults who make things harder than need be and forget the simple things.  Children are truly God's biggest blessing to us all, that is why he sent his only son.  Remember the season

Blessings, Beth Ann

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