Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Yesterday was a wonderful day!  It started by the three kids getting up before us, of course, and cleaning/taking care of the animals, before coming up-stairs to wake us.  We were already awake as we heard them 'cleaning' - LOL But we were grateful nonetheless : )  Then Zach, in his jammies, picked up Colleen (in her jammies too) and headed over with biscuits and Krispy Kreams.  Then they headed over to walk the clinic dogs and met us at FB church for services and the Lords super.  That was probably the best part of my day, all four of my kids with me at church on Christmas day.

Took many pic's but here are my top five in random order:

Twin son received 'plants vs. zombies' from his big bro.  Now I will never get near my computer again!  Good thing I received an etablet : )

Colleen and Bre with their  Christmas snuggies!

Chocolate peppermint  cookies for Santa!

Our tree with the yule log on the t.v. - LOL

I get this pic every year, Bre helping the twins decorate sugar cookies for the big guy, and he (Knute) shares them with Santa!  LOL - ROFL  Oh, tear in my eye, LOL  I kill myself : )

Other favorites were some major bling I received, a new stereo for up-stairs, UNO-Robot, a Go-bible and watching my kids play with their stuff and eating candy.  Which reminds me, twice now on doxin Smokey has gotten into the Christmas chocolate, apparently he has a thing for butterfingers and peanut butter cups!  So then at 4 a.m. this morning he had the , pardon me here for my crudeness, Hershey squirts!  Praise the Lord for a husband who got up and took him out so I could stay snuggled in front of our electric fireplace up-stairs : )  I love that man!  Lesson learned?  Doxins are as devious as they are cute and hide candy not only from children, spouse and ferret, but doxin as well!  LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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