Monday, January 23, 2012

It was a Gr-sk8- t day!

January is a very busy birthday month for us.  Between family and friends we acknowledge around a dozen birthdays.  K and I have jokingly  told the kids that starting this year we are going to only do one group birthday on an ambiguous day, like March 1st., and celebrate all six of our immediate b-days together then.  We will also do gifts on a six year rotation.  Since Z already had his b-day this year  he will have to wait another 6 years to get gifts.  Next year will be B's turn and so forth - LOL  The kids didn't appreciate this attempt at humor on our part : )

Anyway, this past Saturday we took all 4 kids, Z's girlfriend and best friend skating to celebrate Z's and C's birthdays; which are a week apart.  We only go skating about 4 times a year but the kids dig it, if we did it more they probably wouldn't and it is still affordable (especially w/the Volvo).  Here is a few pic's of the happy kids : )

Eli is trying to tell us the music is LOUD!

Ely is dreaming of being a skating disco queen!

Zach showing us how much he loves his sister, whom looks deeply concerned : )

The birthday couple, Zach and Colleen, whom have just turned 19.

Bre, thinking she is the only sane person in her family!  LOL

Dear hubby's b-day was last week as well.  We usually celebrate by attending the Nashville RV show and a trip to camping world with dinner after at Bob Evans.  However this year the RV show is the second week of Feb., so we are waiting until then to celebrate.  Since we only head over that way once a year, it is worth the wait : )

My family is my biggest blessing and I thank God for them, the good and the bad, every day.  And now there is a rumor that my oldest daughter an my grandson's are coming for a visit soon!  I feel unworthy of all this happiness.  Thank you Lord, in your son's name, AMEN.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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