Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knots,knods & bobs

Still here, just been laid up most the week with a bad back. Stupid 5Th lumbar : ( Visited the chiro twice (my wallet cried) and now waiting for the inflammation to go down. Progress is being made however, as I am now able to sit up and knit (missed it soooo much). Finished a couple large projects and am now just doing small stuff for inventory for craft shows.
I did also get son into chiro this week with me for his fibro (think he will reimburse me on his payday?). No flair ups this week, just same ole, same old pain and 19 months and holding for his chronic migraine. We are trying a more natural approach with his sleeping (triptathan from chiro) and ordered the d-rebose from chiro as well, for his energy level. Lets keep Z in our prayers.
Been very hot here, but nothing new. Our garden is taking off big time. I don't know if DH is getting better with is hoe (keep mind out of gutter please), if it's the seaweed fertilizer or the organic shredded coconut shell mulch. Will post pic's when I am up to going outside in heat with my back and snapping and downloading : )
The only other newsworthy item worth mentioning is that we made our own butter today from cream, for school. Gotta love C for Cow. We spread it on bread, sooooo creamy and smooth, and added some cinnamon sugar for a great afternoon snack. Love having my kids home with me, I feel so blessed!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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