Saturday, June 05, 2010

Nothing new, and that's a good thing : )

Been a pretty slow week here, praise the good Lord. Mostly fighting colds, coughs and snot. Oh, and more snot. Did I mention snot?
Twin dd brought me these 'stolen' flowers to cheer me up. The grow everywhere down here, except my yard - LOL But they do grow in the yard across the street, with the empty house for sale .. . .
Oldest son is holding his own, but we have agreed that he will not take antidepressants for his chronic pain and it seems to be all his neurologist per scribes. I want to try a supplement called D-Rebose with him. It is all natural and I found it while researching a Fibromialgia clinic in Atlanta, closest one to us. I will either have to get it on-line, or see if I can find it in the 'boro as it is not in the 'bury : )
Well we have had the bunny for three weeks now and he seems to love it here, except for the part where we had the vet shave his bum. It is so hot here right now that ds had to hook a fan up to bunny cage to keep him from heat stroke. Bunny loves it! I keep catching him laying in front of the fan and his ears blowing, much like a dog with his head out a car window! LOL
We have also taken in another boarder, a way word dwarf hamster who was on his way to the great outdoors = litterly. No one mentioned he was . . . ill tempered when we took him. Let me put it to you this way, his name was chip and now we want to call him things like vicious Vinnie or malicious Mike. Oldest son seems to think he has discovered a cause for this 2 oz. mutant to be so unhappy. Upon closer inspection (while using sturdy work gloves) it seems he has some type of skin rash. So son bathed him in some special skin shampoo from the clinic and the now newly dubed misunderstood Mike seemed mildly more up beat. Yes I know, only at our house.
That's it for now. Keep counting your blessings, Beth Ann

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