Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pet pic's

Wanted to share a few pic's of our pets today.  We have so many of them, pets, someone is always doing something terribly cute and or clever : )

This one is for Grandma Sandy!  Right before they moved to Vegas, we got this recliner from her and I don't know when we acquired the afghan, but am told by Z it also  came from Grandma Sandy.  So here is Howie in the Grandma Sandy chair (that is what we still call it) with the Grandma Sandy afghan (that is what we still call it)!

Here is Levi, looking inquisitive.  You can't tell by looking at him, that the dog is a mess - LOL

Here is a new pic of the puppies.  Sorry it is so dark.  They have a perfectly great create to sleep in, but seem to prefer to pile - up in this kitchen corner where I keep my dish towels!

I can't remember if I posted this one before, but here is the sling I made Howard to carry him in.  There is a fleece lining and he seems to really enjoy it.

Thanks for indulging me.  Blessings, Beth Ann

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