Saturday, July 03, 2010

Friendship, fellowship and fun !

Yesterday our little town celebrated the 4th for the first time in 5 years, and it was a mega  success!  Beautiful weather (only in the mid to low 90's), free food, wonderful live music and all the fellowship you could ask for.  We were one of the first to arrive and we set up our camping canopy and just plain spread our - LOL  We were quickly joined by friends and as the evening progressed, a steady stream of folk stopped in.  At one point I looked around and I do believe 90% of our church were with us : )

There were many activities to help keep the kids busy and a large area that the teens took over for football, socor and Frisbee.  The sheriff dept. brought their horses, and that was a huge hit with the kids.    The fire trucks also kept kids entertained, but thankfully were not needed.

OK, here's the deal :  with pic's : )  The twins are asking DH to take them to see the horses.

Then dd decides that the horses are to big and scary, and she can only pet them if she is on her dad!  LOL

And there they go!  All is well in the universe or at least in this little park on this blessed day as we remembered those who made our freedom possible.

An awkward shot of B sitting next to our former Pastor's dd, they were visiting from S. Korea.

Here is my friend S's dd and their Chihuahua, Bud.  He goes everywhere with them, well not NY - LOL

Kids and the 4th go together.  L to R: Our friends adopted son from Haiti, Z's girlfriend and Z.  They all seem to be wondering if the fireworks will be soon.

"I can see you", seems to be what twin son E is saying here : )

Here is a shot of DH and our good friend LG, she is such a blessing to us : )

Dusk approaches, and does the end of a great day!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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kalea_kane said...

Great pictures. It looks like a beautiful day. I remember Fourth of July celebrations like that. I miss them! Thanks for sharing