Monday, July 05, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's been awhile since I posted a menu and thought this would be a good week.  We celebrated the 4th in our little town on Friday, and things seem to be slowing down a bit now.  Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.  Here is a look at our dinner this week:

Monday:  Taco mac & cheese (quinoa elbows)w/veggie sticks
Tuesday:  Chicken and cornbread dumplings w/ asparagus
Wednesday:  Beef and lentil bake w/brown rice and honey glazed carrots
Thursday:  Sweet potato chicken bake w/ broccoli
Friday:  Meatloaf w/mixed veggies and garlic home made bread sticks
Saturday:  Slow cooker chicken fajitas
Sunday:  Cheeseburger pie w/ green beans 

We are still working on our leptin/lo-carb diet here, as well as my son's fibro.  So it is all pretty much organic and natural for us.  Laura's lean ground beef, antibiotic free chicken and beef and free range eggs.  You get the point.  This is pricey so we tend to have these simple meals.  Fortunately the Laura's has been on sale most the summer at our Kroger.  We are even incorporating some meatless meals, such as lentils and veggies.  Remember that lentils when paired with brown rice make a complex carbohydrate which is healthy and full of protein.  I also find that mushrooms give veggie meals such as veggie taco's a 'meat' like taste and feel.  My favorite are the baby portabella and they are the star of my veggie egg rolls!  To see more Menu Plan Monday visit

Whats for dinner at your house?  Blessings, Beth Ann

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kalea_kane said...

I love fajitas. I have never even thought about slow cooker fajitas. I'll have to look for a recipe. Happy Monday!