Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kudos to Facebook

I know that there are as many different opinions on the website Facebook as there is stars in the sky, but I am here to tell you mine is an appreciative one.  Initially I only join because my sister, who lives 800 miles away, asked me to.  It seemed like a good way to keep in touch, and it has been.  Then I started reconnecting with classmates from high school, again a good thing.  I have never had a bad experience with FB.  I have also come to appreciate that I keep local friends updated as well, sometimes it is quicker and easier than email or phone!  But the main reason I am blogging about FB today is that it helped my brother find me and my family on=line.  My brother is ten years older than I, and I hadn't seen him in over ten years.  I didn't even know if he was alive.  I am not going to get into the details of this or pass any judgment.  I was just so unbelievably joyful to hear from him.  He found my sister first, not knowing I had remarried and had a different last name, and then me.  When he called me, well it was the answer to many prayers!  We may not have many things to say in the day to day course of our lives, but through FB I see his activity and have a satisfaction of knowing he is well and still out there being my brother.  Sorry if this sounds mushy, but wait, it gets worse - LOL  Yesterday my brother posted the first recent photo of himself that I have seen in over ten years, on FB.  Wow!  He still looks the same (all his hair for a guy over 5o - LOL) and it made me cry to see him.  I showed it to my husband, the first time he had seen the guy and the first thing he said was, "he looks just like Z in the face" (my oldest son).  My friend came over to have coffee and I made her look at it too, and she made almost the same comment.  Such a good feeling for someone who comes from such a small family, to have this validation of our DNA (for lack of a better term).  Just want to share this with ya'll and if you don't know me from my previous life, here is my big brother:

J or as his friends in school called him, Murph.  Happy early b-day big bro!

And here is yet another random pet pic to keep you entertained:

Daughter B with the new rescue kitten (Nala), waiting to be awakened for school : )

Blessings, Beth Ann

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