Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random chit-chat

As my mom would say, 'not much happening here'.  That's a good thing right?  LOL  Just thought I would pop in and let ya all know I am still thinking about you all : )   I guess my mom has been on my mind recently.  I talked to her last week , she called to let me know she was a great - grandma again (nine now).  She let it slip that she had a concussion.  Yeah, she's that kind of mom.  She did that once after her strokes as well.  Maybe she doesn't want to tell me because she knows she will get 'a talk'in to'.  Maybe she doesn't know how much I care or worry.  When did our rolls get reversed?  I wish we lived closer to her and my sis and daughter, even though I know I am right where God wants me and I have to be faithful to God.  He has been on my mind as well.  I knew last week that we had a tough or 'tight' week ahead of us, and spent extra time in prayer over this and as always, the farm property issue.  I must confess that I am blessed enough to have 'heard' God answer on a few occasions.  I relish His small still voice.  Some folks aren't so lucky or they aren't quiet enough to hear Him.  I will say I was amazed at how fast he answered me this time.  I hadn't even really finished praying yet! LOL  One of the items I was praying on was working outside the home.  I have prayed on this a number of times, not really getting an answer and not really been blessed by any venture either.  This time however, He explained to me that it would not be to His glory or a testament to Him if I worked.  We best show our faith by letting him take care of us and sharing this with others.  Every time we have a 'tight' week and make it to the end with out missing a meal, or hubby getting a car job, we are showing that our faith is strong and that we believe in Him.  Every time we have the money from 'somewhere' to pay for school books, tuition or even a pair of shoes, we are testifying that God has provided for us as we follow His will for me to be a SAHM and to home school.  If I turn to outside the home for a counted on weekly check, I am saying I need a safety net or a 'back-up' plan, just in case this whole God thing isn't real.  I was awed by this information that was bestowed upon me and couldn't wait to share it with my husband.  God doesn't have to share his plan with us, and rarely does, talk about an answer to a prayer!  I have walked around the rest of the week with my head held higher and my smile bigger.  And are we ever blessed!  Hubby came home the other night with news of yet another person he knows, who is losing their home.  We  wonder quiet often why others seem to have 'more' than us, but then we hear news like this and know that they might have 'stuff', but they weren't blessed.  Everyday I am thankful for my humble home, my amazing husband, my extraordinary children, my church support system, friends that just don't stop helping me and others, and the chance to pay those blessings forward to others.  I am even thankful for the 'tight' times and the animal ministry that seems so overwhelming at times.  For without these challenges, we will never grow and get the chance to let God be our rock, light and savior.

Blessings, Beth Ann
p.s. still no answer on the property thing- poo : (

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