Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unload the camera

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, 30 days to Christmas (ssh, you didn't hear that from me) and I need to get all the pic's off my camera, to make room for the new holiday ones!  I picked some of my fave to share with you here and I will do a cooked pumpkin blog as well.  I know, I can't wait either !

This first pic is of the tree in Z's room.  He cleaned his room real good a week or so ago (after taking down all his guinea pig stuff) and had his girl friend and the twins help him put the tree up.
It's a white tree that he asked for and received as a gift.  I picked up some vintage blue and silver ornaments last year at the flea market and he put blue lights on it.  Even the silver snowflake on top was a flea market find.  For a guy, my son has always had style! 

This is the second Harry Potter scarf I am knitting.  This one is for B.  It is a Huffle Puff year 3/4 scarf and is going quit well.  I have four more that I would like to make as gifts and another that is an order from a church friend.  I fear I will never get my socks or camo cargo pants knitted for myself!

Here is twin son E with Santa last Saturday.  Twin dd was timid and then I just didn't get a good pic of her - poo : (  Notice the sunshine and the short sleeves on a mid November morning.  I love living in the south!

This is B's room.  Notice the paper chain on the ceiling, it goes all around her room, almost twice.  I have no idea why, but her and two friends spent most of the week-end working on this.  And yes, that is yet another Christmas tree in her room (bottom left hand corner)

Another look at the amazing paper chain : )

Blessings, Beth Ann

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