Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just checking in

Thought I would check in before I leave tomorrow for Cinncinatti  and the Great Home School Convention.  I will be gone 4 days, but K will be here with the kids and doing some much needed car/RV maintence.  I went to this same convention 3 years ago, but now it is twice the size as before with a grand finale of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (TLC fame).  There has been some controversey over speakers as this perpertrated to be a christian event.  The convention un-invited Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genisis).  You can find out more about this at    AIG also runs the Creation Museum, right outside of Cincy, so he will be speaking there and offer addional items for all registered coventiont attendees, including a free day pass to the museum and if you never been, you should.  They are currently in the processes of building a replica of the ark!  Again, check these folks out : )

I am still knitting away.  I just finished a scarf for an April b-day and will make the hat when I return.
Here is the scarf and it matches the fingerless gloves I made her for last years b-day : )

I am still big into hats and am making this tourquoise, sequenced one for myself : )

This is the book I take many of my patterns from.  They are easy and basic.  If your not a Harry Potter fan just sub any color you wish, as I do with my beannie hats!  So far I only made one HP hat and the rest are just reg. w/specialty yarn for flair.  Same goes for scarves and socks. 

I had a friend ask me yesterday to share a craft booth with her at an upcoming event ~ EEK!  Do I have enough items?  Guess I need to get on a hat binge.  How many hats can I knit on the 5 hour trip to and from Cincy?  Can I knit during the covention workshops?  Should I knit into the night?  What else should I make besides hats?  B said she would make some rice bags to sell, those are always popular as gifts and for boo-boos : )  I think it will be fun.  I just feel so darned blessed to live here and have such an aray of friends to do things with and share my faith as well.  I thank God everyday for leading me and my family down here.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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