Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Knits and that's

It's been awhile since I blogged and thought I would pop in and update everyone.  Not much to tell.  Still raining here most the time, so our garden isn't ready to put in yet.  Our oldest son now has two jobs, which is a good thing since his car blew it's transmission only a week after he started driving it.  He spent over a week patching and replacing the lines himself (we are calling this auto shop in school), but no dice, need a new tranny.  He is soooooooooooo frustrated.  Hubby and him are going Sat. to a junk yard to see if they can find one to rebuild.  Poor kid. 
Let's see . . . Hubby still needs to replace my ball joints and put a new tire on the RV.  Oldest dd and twins are mostly into school right now and a home school group me and few other church friends are trying to get off the ground.  As for me?  Well . . . I guess I have just been knitting my butt off in my free time (snort).  I am head to Cincinnati at the end of the month for the largest home school conference in the mid-west, guess I will take my knitting along for the ride too!  LOL  I have been making hats of late, and it seems everyone wants one (they are cool, like a hug for your head).  Lucky for me they only take about 8 hours to make, not that I have 8 straight hours to knit.  So more like spread over 3 days, er nights I mean, since I do most my knitting after the twins are in bed and waiting for hubby to come home from work.   I made Z's double fast because I felt so bad for him and wanted to cheer him up.
Here is Z's Harry Potter hat to match his scarf I made last fall.  You can also see the new dinning room color on the wall behind him, "Carmel sauce".

See, matches and everything ~ LOL  I am always so thrilled when things turn out the way they look in the book!

Here is the one I made for Bre, wish the pic was better as the colors are so much more bright than this.  The yarn is a soft baby boucle'.  Oh, and check out her $5000 smile.  Thank goodness at least the ortho is paid off!  LOL

And here I am in the hat that started it all.  I made this crazy eyelash yarn hat over a period of 4 Wed. nights. during bible study (shhh, don't tell ). 

Right now I am trying to finish B's HP scarf and my knit cargo pants.  I am also making a hat/scarf for an April b-day and a hat for a May b-day for friends.  Also, have about 5 more people requesting hats, 2 more scarf orders and a sock order.  Free time, snort.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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