Friday, March 04, 2011

Look at that bootie!

Another busy week has come to an end, and even though I was under the weather for a great deal of it, it was fabulous.  We didn't wash away in the rain, son got a job, hubby did a couple of car jobs, had tea with a friend, and the sun came out as so did my magnolia blossoms.  See, always half full.  I also finished those booties for my friend who is a new grandma, take a gander;

I love baby booties, they are soooooo cute.  It makes me want to knit a ton of baby stuff (bet you thought I was going to say, want another baby, no way Jose' - LOL).

This year we are doing a full Home Ec. course for B.  It will count for a full credit in her 9th grade curriculum.  Think traditional Home Ec., but with my kitchen and my sewing machine.  There is also the added bonus of time spent with my daughter as taught in the book of Titus.  We are half way done, finishing the food/nutrition/cooking portion and are onto sewing.  We took her to Hobby Lobby to pick out fabric for a quilt she is to make.  It is harder than she thought, but she is loving it.

Here is the crafty girl now.  I have no idea why fabric is so expensive and cost prohibitive, but this will help her learn how to re-purpose old cloths before donating them.  Tomorrow is fill a bag for $15 at the Bargain Center (resale shop) and I will take her and look for some cute fabric (I can get like 30 items in a bag), also son needs jeans for work.

Most likely it will just be me and the 3 youngest tomorrow as son is hoping to finish fixing his car tomorrow.  Poor kid had been driving it for only 3 days when it blew a transmission seal.  It has been a lesson in money, patience's and respect trying to get that thing fixed.  But now not only does he have a car, a reg. drivers license and a voters card, but he has a job and bills.  Good times, good times.  My little man grew up.  How did that happen?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

Look at your daughter go on the sewing. A good school lesson that will combine history and quilting is learning about the women of Gee's Bend. Check out the local library. The women of Gee's bend repurposed clothing and other bits of cloth to make thier beautiful quilts!