Monday, July 11, 2011

Weather or not . . .

It is currently 101 outside, before the heat index ~ Zoinks!  Gotta love summer in the deep south.  On the bright side, we all no know what a melting ice cream cone feels like : )  LOL  I have been feeling poorly for the past week and today is the first day I feel semi-human.  Thank the heavens that I have such a wonderful man at home and he gives me so much help.  The garden is his baby and he works in it daily before the sun comes up.    He has been picking pole beans real reg. now for a couple weeks, but he also picked a surprise:

Here is some of our bean bounty with our surprise, a zucchini!  We didn't plant zucchini, that's the surprise - LOL  All I can figure is that it is a volunteer from the compost pile that we used when tilling the garden.  Any who, it's a pretty good looking zuc!

Here is Tina, dd B's cat, peeking in the screened porch at us.  Hubby lets this vine grow every year, claiming added privacy.  Whatever, I think he just doesn't feel like cutting it down.

We let Tina in for her morning nap and she chose to take in on top of this vending machine we are selling, out on the back deck.  Silly cat.

Here is twin dd coloring out on the deck.  Some mornings it is still cool enough when we get up, that we can have our coffee out there.   Looking forward to fall . . .

Counting our blessings here during the dog days of summer, Beth Ann

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