Friday, July 01, 2011

Moving Forward

Happy July 1st!  Tonight we will celebrate Independence here in my little town, with food, music, friends and fireworks.  It should be wonderful, we really enjoyed ourselves last year.  I hope my oldest son, whom is also celebrating his Independence is able to attend.  Haven't seen much of him and I miss him much.  I am so upset about this 'empty' nest syndrome thing, that the other day I was actually bawling over my oldest and how much I still miss her, and she has been gone for 10 years!  Geesh, am I a sap or what?   However life does move forward and we have been shuffling around the bedrooms.  The big idea was to move the twins downstairs, pair up the girls and make the nursery my craft room, which will free up a ton of space in my pantry.  Trying to do this around others work schedules is slowing us down, but we are in the home stretch.  Twin son is liking it downstairs, but twin dd spent 2 nights with big sis and hated it.  She said she is not ready to be away from her twin and that if they sleep together it keeps the bad dreams away, he con cured.  I figure moving into a new room after 7 years together in the same room is a big step, so will give them some more time.  There is no rush.

Big sis took big son's bed, which is a full and not a twin, and is thrilled.
Here are the new sheets she got for her new bed.  Why is this popular again?

Here is a pic of the coffee-mallow creme pie I made earlier this week.  It was delish!

I finished my first hat with the Alpaca yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby.  It is sooooooooo soft!

This camo hat is for my son in-law for Christmas.  I will make two more matching hats for my grandsons.  I have a purple one on the stix's for my dd.  It is soooooooooo soft!

Have a happy and safe 4th ya'll, Blessings: Beth Ann

(Our court house during last years fireworks.  Beautiful huh?)

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