Monday, May 28, 2012

Pineapple party

Today is my twins 8th birthday, officially at 10:34 and 10:36 respectfully.  However, seeing as how today is also when Memorial day is celebrated, we had their party on Saturday.  At Elysha's request it was a Mexican Fiesta, chihuahua style ( we have no idea what that means either), and whatever Ely wants, Eli is fine with : )  Elysha also picked the menu.  One thing she was adamant about was grilled pineapple.  Thank goodness I found some on sale, and it went smashing with the teriyaki chicken satay I made - awesome!  I discovered not everyone has a pineapple core/slicer or even seen one.  So here is a few picks on how it is done:

This is the tool and what the empty shell w/ the core looks like.

It slices the pineapple in  one long continuous curly - cue as you twist the slicer.

Sorry I couldn't get this to rotate, but this is how it looks as your pulling it out.

I hated to toss the empty shells, so made them into table centerpieces : )  Next day they went into the compost.

The party was a smashing success and everyone had a good time, as was told by all the shrieking from the pool!  Good food, good friends, good times.  What else is there?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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