Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crafty me: or man fabric glue is stickkkkk -yyy!

Greetings.  First I want to address the fact that I haven't blogged much this year.  There are some obvious personal reasons, but there is also the fact that I was getting nowhere fast with the new blogger interface.  I have (somehow) managed to return my blog to it's old interface, but like FB and the dreaded "timeline", blogger is inferring I will not have a choice in the not to distant future!

Second, I am sorely lacking behind in posting crafts and recipes.  I will take care of the first tonight, but be warned that these photo's aren't great.

Here is the top of the quilt I am redoing for Elle.

This is the bag and cell case I made for my oldest daughter.  I already made the hat and got that to her on one our trips up north.

This is a blurry pic of  the hat and cell case to go to my sis, I still need to make the matching bag (people seem to love these sets).  This will match her wolf fleece she wears as a coat.

Here is the 'diva' hat I made for Bre.  I love how light weight the yarn is.

Here is the matching case for Bre.  She now wants me to add a long strap to it, then she can sling it messenger bag style over her head and either carry her phone or MP3 in it.

Last but not least, this is the sweat of Eli's that  I remade into a pillow.  I did something similar with the twins bumper pads from their cribs when they out grew them.  It's nice to keep reminders around of when they were little.  Sigh, can't believe they will be 8 in 3 weeks!

There you have it,  a quick look at what is getting finished.  Now if you could just see what isn't done yet or as we crafters call them UFO's, un-finished objects, that list is muchhhhh longer!  LOL  I am working on more bag sets, more with diva yarn, several cross stitch, and a redone quilt for Eli.  I am real excited about a Halloween bag I am making with counted cross stitch and an old Halloween vest, love to reuse things around the house!  Can't wait to show you the finished item.

Now that this working again I hope to  have more for you soon.  Maybe the recipe for easy peasy lo=carb shrimp Alfredo that I had for lunch today?  Yummy!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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