Friday, January 25, 2008

Cooking for the upcoming week

Here it is Friday already - no wonder I am tired :) I always have started my new week on Saturday, and it runs through Friday. Picked up the habit when I worked for 12 years in a major retail chain in northern MI., that is how our work schedules ran. So tomorrow is a brand new week for me. Here is my dinner menu line up......

Sat.: Home made pizza w/tossed salad

Sun.: Beef stroganoff on whole wheat noodles and green beans.

Mon.:(Mexican) Chicken burritos w/salad

Tue.:(Crock pot) Pork chops and home made baked beans w/veggie sticks

Wed.: Church (aka/mom's night off) we're Baptist, so we eat at church every week - LOL

Thur.:(Soup) Sirloin stew w/ home made bread

Fri.: (Pasta) Seafood Alfredo w/broccoli over whole wheat noodles

Other baking for the week will include but is not limited to: Home made ranch salad dressing, peppermint mocha coffee creamer , home made granola, whole wheat bagels, coconut date logs and other misc. items that pop up as we need them.

Yes, making just about everything from scratch is very time consuming and some days overwhelming. But my family is worth it and I gain a sense of gratification from knowing that I am cooking closer to how God would want me to, and not lining the pockets of the government by spending our hard earned money on chemically enhanced food that will increase our chances of illness; necessitating a doctor/medican, once again lining the governments pockets with our money. Now with that said, I am not above appreciating some modern convinces, such as my dish washer - Amen! LOL

Another modern connivance I adore is my bread machine. Here is a great pizza dough recipe for almost any bread machine:

Bread machine pizza dough

1 1/2 cups warm water
2 TB. olive oil
2 tsp. salt
4 1/4 cups flour (I use half unbleached white/half whole wheat)
2 tsp. sugar
2 tsp. yeast or one pack

Add ingredients to machine in order given and set on the "dough" cycle. When done, remove to a floured board if using immediately. Or, place in a bowl greased with olive oil, turn dough over to coat it, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.

This will make two pounds, enough for a large cookie/jelly roll pan, or two round pizza's.

I simply just roll my dough out in the pan. Spread tomato sauce on top. Add any toppings we desire and bake 20 minutes in a 350 oven that was pre heated while rolling the dough.

We do this every Saturday, pizza and board games. The kids love it, and will let us know if we try to incorporate something else. LOL

I truly know and believe that all children and most adults thrive on schedules. In this busy chaotic world, we all crave stability. The bigger picture is God, and that is what I am striving to teach as a parent. Since He can't be with us physically all the time, He created parents. So in my stewardship I build up my children's trust, one pizza Sat. at a time. Even my DH finds certain comfort in knowing that if it is Sat. it must be pizza night on the old home stead. Even the nights he isn't home for dinner, he can picture us in our routine and derive comfort from that. And I too claim comfort in knowing that no matter how my day/week is going, I have at least one meal nailed! LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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