Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New and old things

Greetings all, another awsome day in Cannon County, TN. Yesterday is was 71 here! That sounds wonderful, but if it is in the seventies the first week of January, what will it be in June? Hmmmmmmmm

Well my trip to Costco and Wild Oats wasn't very productive, except for the fellowship of my best friend sans kids. I found that even most food at Wild Oats had either MSG or one of it's first cousins. Then at Costco I found there was nothing there I couldn't get at Wal-mart, to justify the cost of the trip up to Nashville. So I will just try to pick a few things here and there at the local organic food co-op. I got some organic vegetable broth last time and made my own "Roman Noodles" for the kids. I bought whole wheat spagehti noodles and packaged in 3oz. servings with a tablespoon of broth. My dd who was hooked on "Roman" thought they were just as good! Cost wise it did cost me about 5 cents more a package than "Roman", but more than worth it to ditch the MSG and get the healthy whole grains. Score one for the mom team!!!!

Something else I decided to implement is cloth napkins. I figured I spent about $120 - $150 a year on paper plates, napkins, plastic silverwear, ect. So I am doing away with them. I will just use regular plates and silverwear (unless camping - even mom deserves a break), and will make my own cloth napkins with leftover fabric I already had. This exercise has had a two fold benifit. First the cost issue, and second the kids got involved. As soon as I hauled out my sewing machine and set up shop, both my 11 and 15 year old wanted to make some too. Now it is a home ec. project for school! LOL Can't tell you how many folks are impressed that my 15 year old son can cook, clean, work on cars, fix stuff around the house, change diapers and sew! Since I am braging... He is also quiet the scholar and budding thealogin as well as working at the local animal clinic in his chosen field. I know many men and women who are three times his age and can't meet half these claims! Once the sewing machine was out, my 11 dd decided to design and make her own cell phone case. The first one turned out so well she has made several more for friends and to give as gifts. Another school lesson in this craft. And all this from items I already had. What a blessing. Sometimes the best ideas and family memories come from simple problem solving around the house.

Blessings from Beth Ann

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