Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting started

Good evening all. I am a newbie at this so bear with me. I hope to share my insites, wisdome, faith and foul - ups on this site in hopes of reaching out to my family and friends.

I am a 30 something mom of 5, deivorced and remarried . I have a 22 year old step-daughter from my first marriage who is expecting her first child, a girl, and my first grand baby. I have raised her since she was 2, so I always count her as one of my own. I also have a son and a daughter from my first marriage, which ended due in part to his bi-polar disorder. I am from northern MI, but relocated to middle TN almost 5 years ago. I remarried and had boy/girl twins who are now in their terrible two's!

I am a stay at home mom (first time ever) who found God down in this beautiful part of the country and He lead me to home schooling. I will tell you that after moving here I finealy feel like I am home and that I fit in. I am also embarking on a health quest with the start of this new year. A quest to be healthy mentaly, physicaly and spiritualy. I look forword to sharing this with you all.

I enjoy reading (mysteries and christian based), music (light jazz and classic such as Billy Joel),counted cross stitch, and RVing with my family and two dogs (14 yr. husky & 5 yr. doxin). I ador cooking and am great at it, hence the need to loss weight- LOL So always looking for new foods, food shows, cook books and kitchen gadgets. Looking forword to sharing my recipes and finds with you all.

That is my intro in a nutshell. Please be kind and remember to always behave like God is sitting right next to you, because He is.

I am also reading the bible in a year, and if you would care to join in I am starting with Geneis. I have already read 1-9, tomorrow will be 10-12.

Good night and blessings to all.

Beth Ann

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Sadie said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere Beth Ann!

We're glad to have you. ;)