Saturday, January 06, 2007

What is wrong with the youth/America today?

Okay, today I am officaly taking to my soap box. As of March ALL Wal-marts are doing away with their fabric section. They say it is to make more room for electronics and crafts. Now I ask you, what is sewing if it is not a craft? I will give you the Wal-mart answer, it is not money making in high enough profits like MP3 players and scrapbooking is. So once again we are reduced to numbers, not independent people or villiages trying to raise well rounded children or saving money on other clothing that is not made in Tiawian! Now your asking how does this affect our youth or the decline of American society. Well it starts back in the bible, everything does :) God does not want women to work outside the home if they don't have to. See whole bible or concentrate on the books of Genesis, Corinthians and Ephisinas. Now I am not looking to make people angery, I too was a working mom for over 15 years. I am just saying that if you have a choice to stay home and YOU be the teacher to YOUR children you you need to step up to the plate and stop blaming teachers when your children are in trouble. You can see a direct corolation between the decline of traditional family values starting when women entered the work force. So for those of us who chose to stay home and want to teach our children the life skills we value instead of lets say buying our cloths from a corporate slave driver and supporting communist countries (yes, Wal-mart is in China too)with our hard earned dollars that are needed here more, Wal-mart is making it almost impossiable as they have driven out smaller locally owned businesses.

This is just a small snapshot of a larg ongoing problem in America. First they took away our right to use lay-away on thier item, and now the fabric is being deleted from stores. What is next? MY DH and I are going to take our American dollars else where from now on. I suggest you all review your options as well.

For those of you doing the bible reading with me, today is Gen. 16-18 and tomorrow is 19-21.

May God bless you and yours. Beth Ann

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