Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday tactics continued...........

Okay I just finished dinner and am still alive to tell about it. Lets recap, to make it through the morning you need nerves of steel, and a grin and bear it attitude. Sometimes I have to many helpers during the morning, so I try to look at that as a blessing. Several strong cups of coffee don't hurt either - LOL It is even better if I have my new favorite find in it, Splenda coffee creamer sticks. Yummy :) I have only tried 2 of the 3 flavors (mocha and vanilla) both wonderful, will get the hazelnut next. I know, I know, splenda is evil and will kill ya. But I figure so will all this extra weight , according to my doc (whom I pay monthly to tell me), so one step at a time.

Surviving the afternoon is another thing. It seems while I am upstairs putting the twins down for their nap all my helpers go on hiattus. So I have to ever so sweetly and under my breath remind myself why I had children in the first place as I clean the mess they left before I can get any lunch for me. At this point a big soda always seems to help and since I have most my water for the day in (60 oz.) I indulge. Then I start counting the hours for DH to get home so that the ratio of adult to child is a little more even.

I know it is wrong but I hit (bet you thought I was going to say children here) the coffee pot again - LOL around 4 p.m.

Now I am in the home stretch for friday and the week-end. Just need to make it through the dinner hour. Am I the only one or does anyone elses kids seem to get worse the closer it gets to dinner time? Wonder why, drop in hormones? Brain cells? "Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm" LOL dating myself with that one.

Top 10 Thursday survival tactics....

1) Have nerves of steel
2) Coffee
3) Able to ignor annoying children in a single bound
4) Grinding teeth together while muttering under breath
5) Big soda
6) Nashing teeth together while spitting out finger nails that you chewed off
7) Make sure to say "your father will be home soon and..."
9) Ride your artifical sweetner high all the way upstairs for an hour alone with ... (insert tv personality of your choice here, unless DH is already hiding up there since he was tipped off on the status quoe by your standing on the roof screaming at the children to "just wait until dad gets home").
10) Your a Mom so you just suck it up and try to burn at least 100 calories after the kids go to bed (wink, wink) LOL

Good night to you all and remember - "The majority opinion is not necesarly Gods will"

Blessings from Beth Ann

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Bill and Lacey said...

welcome to the world of blogging, I need to do better on mine. Yours is great!! Keep posting.