Monday, October 06, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ two-fer

Greetings all. Second week of October already!!! My goodness, I can hardly believe it. I can remember everything I said and did on St. Patrick's day, like it was yesterday. Am I the only one who thinks time goes by more quickly the older you get? On the other hand, with the arrival of fall comes more bearable temperatures outside and a break on our cooling bill - hallelujah! It also brings our annual fall trip to S.C and the Atlantic Ocean. We are leaving this Friday for almost two weeks. So I will be posting both weeks of menus. I will be computer free and loving it! When we camp, we camp. No satellites, no mega monster motor homes, no expensive equipment, just the six of us and our two dogs crammed into our pre-loved class c. Basically we park, make camp and only go inside to sleep. We do most our cooking outside and even sit in the rain (which led us to get those nifty plastic runners for the RV from Wal-mart - LOL). When we walk past those 45 ft. MH with the large HDTV outside and their propane fires and ginormous fans, we look at each other and shake our heads. Why are they even camping? I know a lady that thought she was so cool, they bought a 45ft. 5th wheel w/2 baths! Now she doesn't fit into most State Parks. I think she regrets that a bit. On the other hand I know plenty of people who would rather only be at RV parks, big difference than a State Park. There is truly something out there for everyone. Some even view their trailers as status symbols. Us, we view it as a blessing and a great way to travel and have adventures as a family.
Menu's for Oct. 6th - 12th.
Monday: Chicken and wild rice pilaf casserole w/ steamed broccoli and fresh home made bread
Tuesday: Home made portabella egg rolls w/ tossed salad
Wednesday: Church (but eating at home) Grilled chicken breast w/crock pot baked potato and green beans
Thursday: Beef Kabobs w/ rice and salad
Friday: On the road/ Smoked ham with veggie sticks
Saturday: Home made RV pizza w/ chips
Sunday: Crock pot meat loaf w/ potatoes and veggies
Camping menu for Oct. 13th - 20th.
Monday: Chicken Enchiladas w salad and cheese rice
Tuesday: Awesome crab soup w/garlic bread and veggie sticks
Wednesday: Mystery? My birthday (big one) and DH said he would take care of it!
Thursday: Camping chili w/ corn bread and tossed salad
Friday: Hamburgers w/ tater tots and veggies
Saturday: Home made RV pizza w/ chips and salsa
Sunday: Spaghetti w/ garlic bread and salad
Monday: On the road/ Deli fried chicken w/ potato wedges and veggie sticks
I know there are a couple of unusual meals for camping listed. All I can say is that I am trying to cook some of my families favorites and I am using way more pre-pared food than usual. I make almost everything form scratch at home, but I am on vacation too! The difference sure showed up in our grocery bill too! However we don't eat out at restaurants when we camp, so it works out in the was as they say. Like I have mentioned in other posts, we litterly eat while driving down the road! LOL
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See you in two weeks. Blessings, Beth Ann

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You forgot something.... birthday cake... I sense some birthday cake in your future!


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