Monday, October 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Greetings all. Hope you are all enjoying a wonder fall season. The weather has been fabulous here in middle TN. and only the past couple of days have cooled off. Being from northern MI however I don't mind this a bit. Where I come from (up by the bridge) this still considered short weather - LOL The winters are soooo long and sooooo cold that in the spring as soon as temps in the 40's or 50's roll around, the shorts come out! Ah, good times, good times. LOL

Many fall type activities this week, so a hit and miss menu. For more Menu Plan Monday please visit

Here is what we are having for dinner this week:

Monday: Eggs and toast (Big kids on Hay ride and DH at work, just me and twins)

Tuesday: Orange Chicken w/rice and mixed veggies

Wednesday: Harvest Party at Church!

Thursday: Mexican zucchini casserole w. quinoa and pineapple slices

Friday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Bat wings(spicy), bug salad (raisins), goblin eggs (deviled w/food coloring) and jack o' lantern cheese ball!

Saturday: Home made pizza w/tossed salad

Sunday: Beef Chop Suey w/cashew rice and pineapples & salad

Whats for dinner at your house?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

I'll be over for some bat wings and cheese ball.

LOVE finger food!