Thursday, October 09, 2008

On the road

It has been a very busy week here at our homestead. So much to do to get ready for our vacation, it rained for the first time in 32 days and then we headed out for a inspirational movie. Fireproof. It was a wonderful movie. It was an awesome movie. It is a must see movie. What else can I say? I will defiantly be buying two copies of this t comes out on DVD. One for us and one for my dd who just got married. If I was made of money I would buy one for my ex and my church as well. If you are married, been married or just thinking of getting married ~ see this movie!!!

I have added the new blog feature, follow this blog, to my site. Please feel free to do so, it is located top right hand corner. I enjoy seeing who is all reading my random thoughts besides my family - LOL Even if you are family, please join in the fun and sign in.

Here is our Minnie Winnie, in her resting place at home. DH had this carport put in special, just for her. In about an hour DH is going to back her up and take her out to get filled up. Great news, gas here is down to $2.99! Never thought I would be excited about that! But it is the cheapest around. DH was in Manchester yesterday and they were still about 30 cents higher, usually they are the lowest in middle TN. We also checked when we drove into the city (M'boro) and they were also 30 cents higher, usually the Wal-Mart is the cheapest there. So we are excited that we can get such a great deal about a block from our house.

We are leaving around eight in the morning and won't be back for almost two weeks. So excited. Hope I have blogged enough this week to keep ya all occupied. I just wanted to get the b-day pics and p. patch pics up before we left, for the family. I know when we get back I will be way to busy and will have a bunch new to share. (busy with laundry - unless we head into Hollywood about 30 miles away to the nearest laundry mat) So please keep us in your prayers as we spend two computer - free weeks on the beach.

Our blue-tick heeler, Hershey, says "follow this blog for beach up-dates in two weeks!" We'll see you then!

Blessings, Beth Ann


Anonymous said...

I'm following!

But then you knew I would.

Danielsen5 said...

Took me a minute to get that. I thought you ment you were following to South Carolina! LOL Now I get it, duh :)

Blessings, Beth