Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving on

I have had many well wisher and people praying for me and my family since I mentioned the break - in at our home while we were on vacation. We are handling it a little better every day and trying to move on. Many friends and family members keep asking about up-dates. I am only going to mention it this one last time to fill people in and then would rather not bring it up again unless they recover our items or catch the thieves. Then I will share the good news! LOL

(Sunrise on Edisto Island, S.C.)

No, they haven't caught anyone. No, they have no information. Yes, they took some expensive items and some irreplaceable items. They came back a second time and tried to re-enter our home while some one tried to steal my DH truck. Police believe they were going to clean us out and us our own truck to do it. The second time was pre-meditated as they dismantled our out door lights over the garage and carport. They only recovered one partial finger print, and no you can't get them off of wood. Yes we have combed all the pawn shops, eBay and Craigslist. Do we still have hope of them being caught, not much. Will we go on vacations or week-end camping trips again? Maybe, what else are they going to take? Do we feel safe in our own home, more each day thanks to new locks that DH installed and some wonderful people at church. Did we cut our trip short, yes by a few days. Kind of like getting your vacation stolen too. We go every year and save for it all year long :( They have NOT stolen our faith and we still LOVE our home. We will grow old in this house and pass it along to our children and grandchildren. We have prayed for the people who have done this and asked God to give them forgiveness and touch their hearts. May you please do the same.

Will try to resume my normal posting in the near future, have some great pictures of the kids to share from S.C.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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