Thursday, December 11, 2008

Be careful what you wish for . . .

Today was one of the most gray, wet, windy, drizzly, miserable days I have ever seen in the almost 7 years I have lived in middle TN. So of course I went out in it! LOL Today was pay day, so picked up my friend and went and did some running in the morning. Then in the afternoon grand pa D and Grandma S came over so that DH could run into the big city with me and we could do some Christmas shopping for the kids. I made the comment, "It sure is hard to get into the Christmas mood with all this cold, wet rain". Next thing we knew, bam - it was snowing! It was such an amazing surprise. It put a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. I came out of the store and there was the first bell ringer of the season, I couldn't wait to put something in the pot! DH and I loaded up our purchases with much enthusiasm. By the time we pulled out of the parking lot and could hardly see through our windshield, some of the excitement had diminished. By the time we were five miles down the highway and could only do 40 mph, our smiles had faded. By the time we were 10 miles down the road and doing 30 mph and couldn't see more than 2 feet ahead of us we were now slightly apprehensive. And so it went, all 20 miles home. Heavy wet, blinding snow, blowing at such an angle as to hit our windshield on a slant to make us feel like we were driving through a tunnel. We weren't the only ones, several cars ahead of us had slowed to 20 mph (us too) and we passed a couple of cars in the ditch. Frankly it made us feel like we were back home in northern MI. One big difference though, people in northern MI know how to drive in the snow. We were just as afraid of the other drivers as we were of the white out conditions! Well we made it home OK, but DH is suppose to go back into work tonight in a couple hours. My stomach hurt so much from our last trip, I just know I will be having kittens if he goes in tonight. I checked and we are under a winter storm advisory for this area until 3 a.m. The kicker? Tomorrow is calling for sunny skies and highs near 50! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. So Molly, you asked what we do on snow days? Don't know, we never have them here! LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

I've been stuck at home on teh hill... so I ahve a bird's eye view of the snow (pic posted on today's blog).

Driving in snow up north....aaah, the mem'ries! I remember driving on I-75 between Toledo and Bowling Green when the interstate was closed. OY!

Now here? I don't drive in sireee... Why? Well, there's only *one* snow plow (I swear!), hills, and there's ice ...not to mention the other drivers.